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Harumi Yomoda - Forbidden Siren Character Information from Siren Maniacs

Harumi Yomoda
Elementary school student / female / 10

The only survivor found at the site of the huge landslide that occurred on the night of 2 August 2003 in Hanuda Village. She became caught in the incident when at her elementary school late at night with her teacher Ms. Takato and Principal Nagoshi, the three of them going out to stargaze, and though Harumi becomes trapped in the Other World, due to the help of various other people she returns to the real world.

After losing her parents in a car accident Harumi is sent to live with her aunt (Auntie Momoko) and uncle in Hanuda Village, but due to the shock of the accident is lonely and shuts herself away from others. Unlike other children of her age she has a faint ability to see visions (aside from the Kajiro blood line, who can see visions from birth, there are others in the village occasionally born with this ability), and as she has always had an introverted personality she always feels isolated by being different from the other kids. Takato, noticing how lonely she is, has a more familial relationship with Harumi than with normal students, and it seems as though Harumi opens up to her in return. However, while running in the Other World, Takato gives her own life to save Harumi from some shibito. Afterwards, Harumi continues escaping from the shibito by herself.

Also, though it isn't directly shown in the game, a few days beforehand Harumi met Miyako and became friends with her (the girl shown in archive no.007, Harumi Yomoda's Drawing, and the beaded doll from archive no.074 is unquestionably modelled on Miyako). Maybe the shared loneliness of having the ability to see visions since birth soothed them both, but it is definite that it is due to this encounter with Miyako that Harumi is able to return to the real world.

The decisive difference between Harumi and the other main characters is perhaps that she isn't once attacked by a shibito (since being attacked by a shibito even once is an instant game over). Maybe that she experiences almost no effects of the red water is one of the reasons she is able to return safely to reality.

Also, for making your own interpretations about Harumi, it is a good idea to view the official Forbidden Siren (European version) website. On the site, Harumi begins with the mysterious words to herself, "Dear diary...". Her independence makes her appear too grown-up to be 10 years old, which has the reverse effect of making it creepier. Give the world of Siren outside Japan a go.

Harumi Yomoda's Drawing (archive no.007)

For a fourth grader to be drawing a picture like this, surely Ms. Takato isn't the only one who would be worried. Unlike the other children's drawings, it is drawn only in two colours, black and red.

Harumi's SOS, heard all around

It appears as though when Harumi calls to Ms. Takato from help over the school PA system, her voice can be heard nearby. You can also hear it in Takeuchi and Kyoya's levels.

Harumi tells her secret

That Harumi tells Ms. Takato of her "secret" friendship with Miyako shows how deeply she trusts Takato.

"Memories" with Miya

Harumi, by chance, discovers the handmade beaded doll she gave to Miyako in the storage room in the abandoned house. She realises that Miyako has become trapped in this world just like her.

A miraculous escape born of chance

Due to a child's curiosity, Harumi obtains a toy and a laughing bag. These casual actions actually end up accidentally saving Harumi from the shibito.

The Day Before

Becomes friends with Miyako
Heads to the school at night to participate in "Stargazer's Circle". Meets with Ms. Takato

Day 1

0:00 - Siren. Loses consciousness
1:00 - Regains consciousness and flees to school building with Takato. Hides in staff room, but is attacked by shibito and calls for help via the school PA system
6:00 - Hides inside abandoned house in Tabori
12:00 - Sensing shibito nearby, escapes from abandoned house with Takato
23:00 - Takato blows self up to save her as she is about to be caught by shibito

Day 2

8:00 - Having lost Takato and not knowing what to do, hides in abandoned house in Tabori again, falling asleep inside closet
15:00 - Awakens inside closet, but house has become occupied by the shibito-turned Maeda family. Takes her chance to escape, but is pursued by the half-shibito Takato...

Day 3

0:00 - Lost inside Shibito Nest. Falls asleep at central intersection due to fatigue
7:00 - Sensing someone's presence, hides in the shadows at the intersection. Again flees into the nest alone
23:00 - In a hopeless predicament when attacked by Nagoshi, but saved by Takato
Returns safely to the real world through the dimensional rift

Harumi Yomoda in Each Level

Day 2 / 15:19:59 (Tabori - Abandoned House, Living Room)

Because Harumi is a child, she spends a lot of the three days she is trapped in the Other World for sleeping. The place during her three-day escape that is filled with the most dangers is her escape from the abandoned house in Tabori, occupied by the half shibito-turned Maeda family. Even after managing to escape from the house, seeing her beloved Ms. Takato as a half shibito is a huge shock, a scene with a lot of impact.

Day 3 / 0:14:26 (Shibito Nest / Near Level 1)

Harumi becomes lost in the Shibito Nest, a huge, maze-like area, from the end of Day 2. Since it's an area where many shibito gather it seems like quite a dangerous place at first glance, but in actuality the petite Harumi is the only one who can squeeze through small gaps in the walls that shibito can't pass, so it is actually safer being inside the nest than outside it. Even when the flood gates are blown up, she is lucky enough to get away safely.

Later / 4:44:39 (Reality)

The characters who become sucked into the Other World during the game are repeatedly forced through loops in the "world stuck in time and space". However, when the characters perform "certain special actions" the outcome varies slightly. Harumi's safe return is one of these countless variations, one of the scenarios that is born from a miraculous possibility.

Harumi Q&A

Q: Takeuchi in the opening and Harumi in the ending are in similar situations, but what does this mean?
A: The opening and ending were intended to resemble each other.

Q: Judging by the picture she drew, Harumi's mind is in a darker place than I imagined...
A: The picture was meant to show what a bad place she is in mentally, but for a 10 year old... it really might be a bit too much (laughs). Also, as you can see, the girl and white dog in the picture are modelled on Miyako and Cherub.

Q: It looks like Harumi is also in the Shibito Nest when Miyata blows up the floodgates, so why is she safe, unlike the other characters?
A: Luckily she escaped the flood. But she is completely exhausted by it all.

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