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Reiko Takato - Forbidden Siren Character Information from Siren Maniacs

Reiko Takato
Elementary school teacher / female / 29

A PE teacher in charge of class 4, to which Harumi Yomoda belongs, at Hanuda Elementary (a physical education department graduate from a sports science university). Whilst escorting Harumi to the Stargazers' Circle, a school invent in which she is participating, they both become caught in the strange events. By nature a bright and carefree woman, after a past accident a dark shadow falls across her heart.

This accident is a tragedy that occurred two years ago at the beach (see archive No.53 Weekly Pictorial Shintokumaru article). Going swimming at the beach with her beloved daughter Megumi, at the time two years old, Reiko Suzuki (at the time she was married and went by the surname Suzuki) became separated from her daughter by a sudden high wave. Reiko searched desperately for her daughter, but as she did so by chance came across two unconscious children floating in the sea. Although praying for her daughter to be safe she was unable to abandon the children and in her frantic state rescued them. However, her own daughter was discovered too late and lost her life.

No one would blame her for her actions, being unable to abandon the children due to her strong sense of self-awareness and justice as a teacher, but Reiko ends up harshly blaming herself for not being able to save her beloved daughter, deciding she lost her child due to her own mistake. Shouldering her deep trauma, she and her husband gradually drifted apart, finally divorcing.

To Takato (returning to her maiden name after divorcing), with this tough past, Harumi, who loses both parents at a young age and bears a deep loneliness, is more beloved to her than any other student in her class. Imprinting her late daughter on Harumi, she decides to risk her life to protect Harumi in the Other World. In the end, as she thinks, Takato ends up losing her life quickly, on the first day after being trapped in the Other World. Perhaps her actions are to atone for not being able to save her daughter...

Takato, sacrificing herself to save Harumi, attacking Harumi after turning into a half-Shibito is one of the most shocking scenes in Siren. However, until the very end the Shibito Brain Takato manages to rescue Harumi from the clutches of Principal Nagoshi at the very last second, which shows how even after becoming a Shibito, she still retains her strength as a mother, teacher and woman.

A kindness that cheers up Harumi

After becoming caught in the bizarre situation, Takato herself trembles with fear. However, as a teacher she pretends to be fine, trying to reassure Harumi.

Will do anything for a child

Takato lies low so as not to be noticed by the Shibito, but in order to find Harumi after hearing her broadcast throughout the school she boldly runs through the hallways.

Regrets towards her daughter

"Megumi", muttered as she sweetly holds Harumi close, is the name of her late daughter. Even after turning into a Shibito, Takato continues to call out the names of Harumi and her daughter...

After Takato becomes a Shibito Brain

Even after performing umi-okuri and turning into a Shibito Brain, Takato continues chasing after Harumi. She saves Harumi with the intention of looking after her no matter what.

The Day Before

23:00 - Joins Harumi who participates in "Stargazers' Circle"

Day 1

0:00 - Siren. Loses consciousness
1:00 - Regains consciousness. Escapes to school with Harumi, but flees campus after being attacked by the half-Shibot Principal Nagoshi
6:00 - Hides inside abandoned house in Tabori
12:00 - Sensing presence of Shibito, escapes from abandoned house with Harumi
23:00 - To save Harumi as Shibito nearly capture her, dies in explosion

Day 2

0:00 - After dying in explosion, Takato is turned into a half-Shibito by the power of the red water. Follows after Harumi
15:00 - Reunites with Harumi in Tabori

Day 3

0:00 - Umi-okuri
5:00 - Umi-gaeri. Turns into Shibito Brain
22:00 - Attacks Takeuchi
23:00 - Throws self on Nagoshi as he attacks Harumi, saving her

Reiko Takato in Each Level

Day 1 / 2:18:34 (Hanuda Elementary, Oribe Campus - Library)

A school enveloped in a strange atmosphere, patrolled by Shibito. Seeing Harumi afraid of the Shibito cries, Takato overlaps her with the image of her own beloved daughter whom she could not save. The escape of Takato and Harumi, which shows a "mother and daughter" bond between the two, with Takato's decision to save Harumi no matter what, shows a deeper sense of despair through Takato's noble sense of self-sacrifice.

Day 1 / 23:45:18 (Karuwari - Abandoned warehouse)

Takato saves Harumi by blowing herself up, in a way one of the "helpless" levels in the game, in which you compete to stay alive. It is also required to remove the seals on the "kiruden" to set free the true power of the Homuranagi, which appears at the end of the game, and those seals also act as a "hook" to join this level together with four previous ones.

Day 3 / 23:43:21 (Shibito Nest)

Takato, who should have lost her life from a sacrificial mentality that is distinctly human, chases down Harumi after changing from a half-Shibito into a Shibito Brain. However, at the climax of the story she attacks Principal Nagoshi to save the cornered Harumi... The brain Takato keeps her promise to save Harumi until the end! This is an emotional level.

Reiko Takato Character Archive

The scene in which Takato, who exudes a somehow sad aura, throws away everything to save Harumi can only be said to be a moving tale of humanity, but Takato also fills another important role besides this that leads to the game's ending. This role is releasing the "kiruden" sealed away in the Karuwari area. By lighting the four lanterns (the lanterns themselves are sealed and must have their seals removed by knocking over the stone markers in dfferent places in Kyoya, Miyata, Risa and Shimura's levels), the lion, bull, man and eagle facets are released, finally dwelling in the holy sword obtained by Kyoya, the Homuranagi, and their power is used to cut off the head of Datatsushi. The "Kiruden" (the origin of its name is most likely the Cherubim. It is a spiritual being that protects the holy land (Other World) with its sword of flame) is, like the Uryen, from the world of the gods, which finally ends up in it being able to defeat Datatsushi... though, of course, Takato has no way of knowing this. The Kiruden is a symbol of the "strength to resist" of which the Takeuchis speak.


A scene in which the four holy spirits inhabit the Homuranagi, driven deep into the earth of the "Inferno" in the Land of the Underworld. When the blue flames surround the blade, the power of the "kiruden", which can oppose the beings of the Underworld, is released.

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