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Miyako Kajiro - Forbidden Siren Character Information from Siren Maniacs

Miyako Kajiro
Unemployed / female / 14

A beautiful, blind girl who is at a great disparity with the rest of the village. The Kajiro family has been an affluent one since the time of Emperor Tenmu, and female descendants of the main family line will always give birth to sisters. These sisters' roles are decided at birth, with the elder remaining in the human world and birthing the next generation of descendants, the younger becoming the bride of the god and being sent to the Underworld, offered up as repayment for sinning.

The reason for the karmic fate with which the Kajiro sisters are burdened at birth is the secret of their very blood. Direct members of the Kajiro bloodline are cursed with an "incomplete immortality", a clan that undergoes the suffering of never being able to die. It seems as though those around them think that the Kajiro family is full of people who live long lives, but their bodies too actually deteriorate with age, their mind alone surviving until, finally, they even lose their selves.

In order for the Kajiros' "karma" to be forgiven by the god, from the time the younger sister Miyako is born to the Kajiros until the sign of a bride appears, she is simultaneously treated specially and revered, she is feared and raised away from others, having no entry in the family register and being taboo in the village to mention (for details about Miyako's way of life, see Chapter 2 of "Strange Tales of Hanuda" which tells of the life of the previous Miyako). If the ritual is a success Miyako should simply vanish from the human world, but when it fails the wrath of the god is incurred and, beginning with an earthquake or landslide, a huge natural disaster hits the village.

Miyako is also born with the ability to steal people's sights to see what they see, a special ability that only descendants of the Kajiros have. People with similar qualities are occasionally born in the village, but descendants of the Kajiros (with their thick concentration of blood from a being of the Underworld) are the only ones who can consciously steal glimpses of people's sight of their own volition. Also, unlike past brides, Miyako was born with a strong Sign (her sightjacking ability is also high since she is blind), leading Hisako to believe that, by offering up the long-awaited "perfect fruit" (Miyako) her repentance will end.

In reality, though Miyako inherits a stronger concentration of her ancestor Hisako's blood, it is unknown whether or not offering her up will end the repentance. It is a young man called Kyoya Suda who saves Miyako from the depths of her despair. Charmed by Kyoya's warmth, Miyako, who is able to lock onto someone's image, entrusts her fruit to him and travels to the Underworld.

"Discord" between the sisters

Though they are sisters of the Kajiro family, Ayako, the elder sister, knows nothing of the curse upon her. What happens to her later in the game is tragic.

Daydream by the Mana Stone

Datatsushi's viewpoint. The dream Miyako, a descendant of Hisako (and Datatsushi) whose blood is strong within her, has may be one of her own past.

The end of "Miyako", who travels to the Underworld

The long years of repentance for Hisako Yao and the Kajiros comes to an end. Floating on the surface of the Mirror Pool, Miyako is surrounded by crimson flames and vanishes.

The two's promise

Miyako, having fused with Datatsushi, guides Kyoya as a being of the Underworld. Kyoya too uses the power of her blood to be able to get to the Underworld.

The Day Before

9:00 - Destroys the holy vessel set up on the riverside altar
23:00 - Secret ritual performed

Day 1

0:00 - Siren and earthquake. As everyone loses consciousness and collapses, Miyako flees alone. With Cherub
7:00 - Flees in a panic, chased by Shibito. Cherub, attacked by Shibito, breathes his last as Kyoya appears.
Knocking out Jun, they flee together
18:00 - The exhausted Kyoya and Miyako hide themselves inside abandoned house in Tabori and sleep. Senses her sister Ayako searching for them
22:00 - Strongly sensing Ayako, leaves abandoned house. Ayako tells her the source of her hatred

Day 2

0:00 - Seeing Kyoya suffering in the abandoned house, gives him her fruit (blood)
Sensing the presence of Shibito, leaves house
7:00 - Sees pillar of light with Kyoya. In shock that the head, which she destroyed, has returned
9:00 - Cheered up by Kyoya
10:00 - Searches for Kyoya's consciousness. Captured by the awakened Hisako
15:00 - Has a dream
Put into coma by Hisako

Day 3

0:00 - Miyako floats atop the Mirror Pool. Engulfed by flames, merges with the god
2:00 - The two nestle together in the dream world. Entrusts her wish to Kyoya
3:00 - Becomes Kyoya's "eyes"
20:00 - Reunites with Kyoya at Mirror Pool. Guides him to "Inferno"
23:00 - Senses Harumi's consciousness. Appeals to Kyoya to send Harumi back to the real world. Confrontation with Datatsushi

Miyako Kajiro in Each Level

Day 2 / 7:03:41 (Janokuni Valley - Orifushi Forest)

Rejecting becoming the bride, Miyako breaks the holy vessel - the "head" - just before the secret ritual. But having a vision of the "head" returning along with a pillar of light (ribi-ya-tan) suddenly shining down, Miyako trembles with fear. If the head is returned, will the ritual begin again, making her into the bride of that strange creature? This fear causes Miyako to urge Kyoya to hurry.

Day 3 / 3:03:27 (Shibito Nest - near 4th level)

The ritual is a success, and Miyako's physical body is destroyed. However, Kyoya hears Miyako's voice, her intentions becoming clearer and clearer. In a dream, Miyako tells Kyoya her true feelings towards him, and aids him both in sight and spirit. Kyoya also senses her will, strengthening his resolve to fulfil their promise.

Day 3 / 20:57:55 (Shibito Nest - Mirror Pool)

Called to, Kyoya peers at the surface of the Mirror Pool. And in it he sees Miyako... Using the power of Miyako's blood, Kyoya passes through the door in the Mirror Pool. In order to defeat the complete Datatsushi, Kyoya and Miyako head into battle to put an end to the curse, using the feelins of those trying to survive in the Other World as the power of the Kiryuden, dwelling within Homuranagi, and the Uryen.

Miyako Q&A

Q: What is the Kajiro family's curse?
A: It is a curse in which, in exchange for eternal life, the people of the Kajiro family are rejected by Datatsushi in the Underworld (or perhaps a superior dimension). However, the exceptions are Hisako and Miyako, who are Datatsushi's lost flesh itself.

Q: Was the curse lifted when Kyoya cut off Datatsushi's head?
A: From Miyako's decisive end (after Ayako's destruction she is the last remaining daughter of the Kajiros), this is definitely the final chapter of the Kajiro family's story in Siren. But as a result, the very notion of beginning and end itself is erased, becoming an eternally-occurring incident.

Q: What is Miyako doing after being captured by Hisako?
A: She is asleep the entire time.

Q: Why did she meet with Ayako?
A: Miyako is shown awakening as if from sleep, but actually she opens her eyes because she senses Ayako, a relative of hers, drawing closer (since Jun is a distant relative, it is harder to sense him). After waking she does not immediately begin searching for Ayako, but sleeps for a while, then goes outside of the abandoned house when she senses Ayako's presence more strongly.

Q: What does Ayako do after parting from Miyako?
A: Fearing the sound of the siren, she rushes around in a senseless panic. How Ayako managed to flee dressed as she was is one of Siren's mysteries...

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