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Yoriko Anno - Forbidden Siren Character Information from Siren Maniacs

Yoriko Anno
University student / female / 22

A female university student (fourth year) majoring in folklore at Josei University. Attaching herself to Takeuchi, who has a reputation for being strange, she forces her way into accompanying him to Hanuda Village, having the character of a curious girl who could have jumped straight off the pages of a shojo manga. Though she takes things at her own pace she is comparatively level-headed and pushy, so at first she may even irritate some players. But out of all of the playable characters who become trapped in the Other World, as they gradually begin to thin out, Yoriko alone continues to demonstrate her own resolute, unchanging speed, and is saved many times throughout the overall story by this cheerfulness. Even when she learns of the reality of being stuck in the Other World, she shows strong will in taking in the situation - "Even if we are trapped, there's not much we can do about it now!"

The general image of women Yoriko's age would normally be dressing up and going out on group dates at the weekend with their friends, but she is a little different. Her everyday clothes are plain: glasses and a striped T-shirt with jeans. As well as this, her hair is up in a side bun, a style rather rare these days (though perhaps due to her age, her nails are manicured and painted red). In short, she is fairly unusual.

Since Yoriko receives a transfusion of Kyoya's blood performed by Miyata (Day 2 16:00), she takes in a large amount of the Kajiro blood from him. On Day 2 at 10:00 she is shot in the heart but the half-Shibito Shimura, but since she rejects getting "closer to god" (the power of the cursed blood that makes her unable to become a Shibito) before her Shibito transformation progresses, she is actually immortal like Kyoya. Her needless beautification of Takeuchi and the knowledge gained from reading shojo manga (in particular following the principles of Crest of the Royal Family amongst others) actually help her out in real life when she is in a bind. As the kind of person who has always accepted occult things calmly (when witnessing umi-gaeri with Shimura she understands the supernatural phenomenon normally, saying, "So this is what it's like..."), perhaps she also enjoys the very situation of things that at first glance appear absurd. Inside her head, Yoriko feels like a real fantasy heroine.

In the end, Yoriko remains in the Other World with her beloved Professor Takeuchi, but she seems like the kind of character who, if stuck, would actually take her bat in hand and enjoy an adventure full of experiences.

The only "meganekko"?

If things went the way of a shojo manga, Yoriko would actually have been a beauty when removing her glasses. Though to Tamon she looks like a Shibito (laughter).

A strange university girl running wild

Yoriko has no doubts about running off by herself to search for her student ID, or why it is inside a small shrine. She is a natural air-head to make jokes about.

The reliable big sister type

Yoriko inadvertently feigns innocence (?) around Takeuchi, but when she is with Kyoya she acts like a reliable older sister.

The toughest mentally

Holding a bat in one hand, Yoriko returns stronger than ever. As the disciple of a mystery hunter, she unravels the hidden mysteries of the Other World Hanuda Village (honestly!?).

Yoriko Anno Character Archive

Perhaps she's actually wealthy!? - Guessing from her address in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Yoriko lives in a detached house. This means that there's actually a rather high possibility that she is the daughter of a wealthy family (Carol, the heroine of Crest of the Royal Family, the manga Yoriko loves, is also from a rather rich family). Carol studies archaeology and comes and goes between ancient Egypt and the present day, and Yoriko studies folklore and is cast into the Other World. If Yoriko is a rich girl ignorant of the world, even their circumstances are alike!?

Yoriko in the Other World - Guessing from the sketch drawn in Yoriko Anno's University Notebook (archive no.033), Yoriko appears to have had a kind of yearning for the shojo manga world. For her, she sees becoming caught up in the incident not in a pessimistic light, but rather explores the Other World feeling as though she's the "heroine of this story", and there is a good possibility that she is mostly indifferent to the situation, going, "Professor, let's at least try to enjoy the Other World while we're here!" Perhaps this is her wealthy ignorance bearing fruit (?).

The Day Before

23:00 - Sleeping in the passenger seat of Takeuchi's car. Takeuchi sneaks outside of the car without Yoriko noticing

Day 1

0:00 - Leaves the car realising that Takeuchi is gone. Calls out to Takeuchi, searching for him, when siren and earthquake. Loses consciousness
2:00 - Regains consciousness
12:00 - Unable to bear the dryness of her throat, tries to drink from spring on shrine grounds, but angers Takeuchi and is left behind
13:00 - Goes looking for student ID
16:00 - Discovered by Shibito and flees in a panic; saved by Shimura
17:00 - Witnesses umi-gaeri at edge of village. Shimura, accompanying her, commits suicide. Shocked
20:00 - Reunites with Takeuchi

Day 2

16:00 - Yoriko and Kyoya are taken to hospital by Miyata. Kyoya's blood enters Yoriko, and she too inherits the Kajiro fruit
20:00 - Infiltrates Shibito Nest with Kyoya. Secure path through Yoriko's quick thinking

Day 3

0:00 - Arrives at Mirror Pool, present at the descent of Datatsushi. Attacked by Datatsushi but saved by Takeuchi
18:00 - Finds Takeuchi inside the nest, but loses sight of him in muddy cascade


4:00 - Discovers an entranced Takeuchi playing happy families with half-Shibito inside Takeuchi House. Reclaims him

Yoriko Anno in Each Level

Day 1 / 16:53:37 (Harayadori - Watchtower)

When she is attacked by Shibito and panics, Yoriko taps into her natural youth and stamina (?) and runs off in unexpected directions. This can be troublesome for her companion, so you may end up searching for her after she runs away... But while you may think of her as an annoyance, she also displays a self-sacrificial mentality when she uses herself as a decoy to help out, making her a character you just can't hate.

Day 1 / 20:41:18 (Hirunotsuka - Mizuhiruko Shrine spring)

Despite being told to "wait" by Takeuchi, Yoriko proceeds through a series of dramatic experiences, ignoring his orders and being attacked by Shibito, meeting Shimura, witnessing umi-gaeri and seeing Shimura's suicide... However, when afterwards the teacher asks if she has stayed put, she plays innocent, responding, "I've been doing what you told me to this whole time!" In a way, she's quite important.

Day 2 / 11:12:08 (Janokubi Valley - Banks of the Mana River)

It is Miyata, awakening to his "self" as the Guiding Priest, who saves Yoriko when she is in a dire situation after being shot in the chest. Taking Kyoya and Yoriko back to the hospital with him, Miyata uses Kyoya's blood to give Yoriko a transfusion and prevent her transformation into a Shibito. Due to this, Yoriko, along with Kyoya, inherits the power of the Kajiros' immortal blood. Afterwards the two head for the Shibito Nest, making for an odd, sibling-like combo.

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