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Kyoya Suda - Forbidden Siren Character Information from Siren Maniacs

Kyoya Suda
High school student / male / 16

One of the key figures in the story, and the "visible" bearer of the duty to free Hanuda Village from its endlessly repeating curse.

At the end of July, Kyoya stumbles by chance upon a thread on an occult-related messageboard about the urban legend of "XX Village's Murder of 33 (the bizarre tale of deserted village where one of the villagers is said to have massacred all of its inhabitants)". Since the story itself sounds silly, at first Kyoya thinks little but, "It would be fun to do a scary location report (like is always popping up on this board)." But perhaps something about it tugged at his interests, a self-proclaimed lover of the occult, because for some reason he developed a strong interest in the village.

Though he is a fan of the occult, to say he has always had a deep interest... would be inaccurate. He is simply a completely normal second year high school student who enjoys festivals, and enjoys horror and occult-themed TV shows and movies - you could call him a "lightweight" occult fan. He must have had a half-interest because of this, thinking, "It's the summer holiday, so I have some time to kill anyway; how about I put some excitement into this thread?" In the end, Kyoya decides to lend his natural curiosity and rides his collapsible mountain bike to Hanuda Village by himself. However, this curiosity would end up trapping him within the village's warped world. A large wound is left on the left side of Kyoya's chest where he is shot, brought back to life by the power of the red water, but this hints at his fate of never being able to return to his normal life.

Kyoya is placed in a hopeless predicament from the very start, but he has a reason for escaping the village alive: Miyako Kajiro. Although the beautiful, blind girl puts on the pretence of braveness she is in reality weaker than Kyoya, and in despair at her own destiny. He struggles to save this girl and take her with him, away from the shibito and the village's curse.

While attempting to escape, the two become separated. The clumsy Kyoya realises the gravity of the situation after Miyako vanishes. While with her he retained a faint hope, and more than anything blames himself for betraying the girl who has accepted him. "I'll get rid of it all. This village, and them... All of it..." In order to fulfil the promise made with Miyako in a dream, the boy uses the power of the girl's blood to travel to the Otherworld, and directly confronts the source of the curse.

Online Occult Messageboard

It was a thread titled "The Bloody Village" on an imageboard known as Occult Land that ended up dragging Kyoya into the bizarre events. The board's URL is written on a note slipped inside Kyoya Suda's student notebook (archive no.21). Kyoya goes by the handle "SDK" (7/30, 22:33:33). However, three days later the board locked the thread due to the occurrence of a landslide.

Urban Legend Investigative Unit

"XX Village's Murder of 33" is one of the urban legends that is rumoured to have occurred during the war, a bizarre tale of a youth who supposedly massacred everyone in his small village one by one in a single night. Because the Other World has appeared to change shape over the ages due to dimensional fluctations, the actions Kyoya took while exterminating the shibito manifested in another period as "the boy who massacred 33". At least, this is one explanation...


The Day Before

9:00 - Arrives in Hanuda Village
23:00 - Accidentally witnesses the festival surrounding secret ritual. Followed by policeman

Day 1

0:00 - Siren. The policeman, who should be nearly dead, shoots him and he loses consciousness
2:00 - Regains consciousness by the banks of the Mana river, and is sutunned by the expanse of red sea before him. Meets Hisako
7:00 - Heads for church with Hisako
8:00 - Finds Miyako
18:00 - Tired from running from the shibito, the two hide inside abandoned house. Falls into a deep sleep due to extreme fatigue

Day 2

0:00 - Suffers in response to siren. Miyako, unable to watch, mixes their blood. Escape from abandoned house
7:00 - Witnesses pillar of light
10:00 - Cheers up the despairing Miyako; the two get closer. However is shot by Jun and falls from suspension bridge
11:00 - Miyata gives Kyoya's (Miyako's) blood to Yoriko via transfusion
22:00 - Called by Miyako's voice, infiltrates Shibito Nest with Yoriko

Day 3

0:00 - Arrives at Mirror Pool, present at descent of Datatsushi. Attacked by Datatsushi and loses consciousness
3:00 - Awakens deep inside the nest. A small amount of Kyoy's blood enters Takeuchi and Makino's bodies
9:00 - Receives Uryen from Makino (Miyata)
18:00 - Meets up with Hisako; both are washed away by the water
20:00 - Borrows the power of Miyako's blood and enters through the door in the Mirror Pool
23:00 - Sends Harumi back to the real world, cuts off Datatsushi's head


0:00 - Burns down the shibito village, fulfils promise to Miyako
4:00 - Start of an urban legend...

Kyoya Suda in Each Level

Day 1 / 8:10:24 (Karuwari/sunken path)

Boy meets girl, and while adventuring together they fall in love... this is the story of Kyoya and Miyako during their escape. At first the two are stiff with each other, but their feelings gradually begin to change, and hopefully you can hear this in the way they converse. As Miyako, having lost Cherub, sees the world through Kyoya's eyes, she begins to get closer to him.

Day 2 / 0:23:36 (Tabori/Room inside abandoned house)

Kyoya should be dead after being shot in the heart on Day 1, 23:00. What cured his wound was the power of the red water, but seeing him changing into a half-shibito Miyako mixes her blood with his. Due to this, Kyoya will not die (the curse of not being able to get close to god), and can use the Uryen an infinite number of times (since he is immortal).

Day 3 / 23:03:18 (Inferno)

Miyako's body vanishes due to proximity to the god. From this point on Miyako speaks to Kyoya as a voice in his heart, guiding him. The player learns through her apparition in the final, decisive battle that she is always by his side. Through Datatsushi's vision it appears as though Datatsushi = Miyako = Kyoya (all one body sharing the same blood).

Kyoya Q&A

Q: Who is it that Kyoya gives Miyako's blood to?
A: In total, three people share Miyako's blood: Miyata gives some to Yoriko at Miyata Clinic (via transfusion), and on the fourth level of the Shibito Nest it reached Takeuchi and Makino (via the spring water) where they had been trapped by Hisako. Since Takeuchi and Makino only got a small amount, there still remain traces of half-shibito-dom.

Q: Why is Kyoya able to use the Uryen?
A: The Uryen is a weapon of the gods which converts life-force into destructive power. Because Kyoya has taken in Miyako's blood and therefore been granted eternal life, he can use it endlessly.

Q: Why is Kyoya able to get to the Other World?
A: Because Kyoya has Miyako's blood inside his body, he is also another "part" of her. In other words, Kyoya = part of Miyako = part of Hisako = part of Datatsushi, so he is able to reach the Underworld (Inferno).

Q: Was the "XX Village Murder of 33" started by someone by chance witnessing Kyoya's "genocide end" through a warp in time and the event turning into legend?
A: I think that's an okay outline.

Q: Tamon Takeuchi - Day 3 3:03 - What does Kyoya learn by obtaining Takeuchi's notebook?

A: Kyoya realises that Hisako Yao is the one who holds the key to everything, and that Miyako is a sacrifice of the curse that cannot escape.

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