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Tamon Takeuchi - Forbidden Siren Character Information from Siren Maniacs

Tamon Takeuchi
University professor / male / 34

A lecturer who teaches folklore at Josei University. Takeuchi, who was born in Hanuda Village, is one of the few survivors of the landslide that struck the village 27 years ago (at the time only eight years old), in which he lost his parents, and was then placed with relatives outside of the village. Perhaps due to the blood of his father, Omito, who pursued the secrets of the Kajiro family as a local historian, or maybe due to coming from the Takeuchi line, since his childhood he has experienced strange phenomena, and eventually decided to become a foklorist.

Takeuchi has an interest in a wide variety of subjects, from archaeology to religious studies, and even mythology, starting from occultism, and the outlandish theories he comes up with for the results of his research have led to him being viewed as an outcast by academic society. The incident 27 years ago (when the ritual failed and part of the village was sucked into the Other World) is the very reason that has brought him this far. Although only vaguely, upon glimpsing the bizarre incident in which the young Takeuchi's parents became trapped in the Other World but he did not, he learned that another world other than the one we live in exists. Perhaps it is because he has come across something ghostly, but afterwards he begins to encounter things to do with the paranormal.

Upon learning that the secret ritual is to happen again after 27 years, Takeuchi faintly senses the possibility that something like the tragedy of that day might happen again. In the end he becomes trapped in the Other World just like his parents, but attempts to use his experience as a folklorist and own strength to escape from it and stop the cause of the oddities. Perhaps the only flaw in his plan was his student, Yoriko Anno, insisting on coming along and getting caught up in it. In truth, to Takeuchi, who has a strong desire to manage his own destiny, the student is no more than a burden. However, maybe because she puts on a pretense of being bright and cheerful throughout (although it might only be Takeuchi who thinks this...), maybe even at simes saving him, he begins to warm to Yoriko.

During the story, he searches for Yoriko, who goes missing after being attacked by a shibito, and seeks the truths the village hides about the Kajiros, like his late father did. Over the space of three days signs that the red water is turning him into a shibito appear, but as his blood mixed with Kyoyas when trapped at the bottom of the Shibito Nest, he is one of those who survive in the Other World until the end.

A survivor of 27 years ago

Takeuchi loses his home and parents at a young age due to a landslide caused by an earthquake that suddenly strikes Hanuda Village. This is the opening of the game.

Searching for Yoriko

Chasing after the missing Yoriko, Takeuchi arrives at an abandoned hospital ward. Upon finding her glasses in the basement, all he can do is pray that she is safe.

Tamon Takeuchi's despair

He despairs about his own carelessness at not taking care of his own student upon seeing Yoriko as a shibito. However, this is a delusion caused by his incomplete progression into transforming into a shibito.

Reunion with his parents

Because a small amount of Kyoya's blood has entered his body, Takeuchi avoids turning into a shibito. Perhaps because he is half-shibito, his dream of reuniting with his parents comes true.

Tamon Takeuchi: Character Archive

It is a fact that Takeuchi learned information relating to the Kajiro family and Datatsushi previously from his father's two books, the Takeuchi Monographs. However, it appears that Takeuchi's own exploration of the Other World leads him to two big answers concerning the village's curse (archive no.84, Tamon Takeuchi's Notebook). One of these it that "the phenomenon continues to loop inside the Other World in its twisted dimension", and the other is that "if a godly power can surface, so simulatenously must the opposing power to combat it (hinting at the existence of Kiruden and the Uryen). Relying on this assumption, even after Datatsushi's descent Takeuchi continues to cling to this faint possibility in order to escape, struggling until the end.

Afterwards Takeuchi himself continues his transformation into a shibito, but since Kyoya can use this information to defeat Datatsushi, you can say that the role Takeuchi plays in the game is a fairly important one.

Takeuchi is left dumbfounded by the thought that Yoriko has turned into a half shibito, but perhaps the reunion with his parents made his wish come true.

The Day Before

Obtains info about the secret ritual being performed for the first time in 27 years, obtains a revolver and heads to the village. For some reason Yoriko is in the passenger seat

Day 1

0:00 - Siren. Loses consciousness
2:00 - Regains consciousness. Shocked by the expanse of red sea before him
12:00 - Has an intense headache and dry throat as the siren rings out. After scolding Yoriko for trying to drink the red water, begins to investigate the area by himself to assess the situation
20:00 - Returns to Yoriko. Begins to realise the existence of the shibito-controlling brain, but...

Day 2

10:00 - Admits to being from Hanuda Village, and realises that the shibito who attacked Yoriko is Shimura
11:00 - Worries about the safety of the missing Yoriko and begins to search for her
18:00 - Chasing after Yoriko, ends up in the abandoned hospital that vanished 27 years before. Finds Yoriko's glasses
21:00 - Sneaks inside Shibito Nest

Day 3

0:00 - Arrives at Mirror Pool, witnesses the coming of Datatsushi. Attacked by Datatsushi and loses consciousness
3:00 - Awakens deep inside the nest. A small amount of Kyoya's blood enters his body. Afterwards, assists Kyoya and progresses to the centre of the nest
18:00 - Reunited with Yoriko. Mistakes Yoriko for a shibito as he is turning into a half-shibito. Swept away by the river with Datatsushi
22:00 - Led by the voices of his parents to the old Takeuchi family home. Reunites with parents


4:00 - Surrounded by parents. Yoriko appears and drags him away

Tamon Takeuchi in Each Level

Day 1 / 2:18:34 (Upper Arato - Harayadori: Yabe Settlement)

As he pulls the bucket from the depths of the well, Takeuchi is hit with the strange image of a child's hand reaching out from the bucket and grabbing onto his arm. This is one of the important incidents that show what a strong sixth sense Tamon Takeuchi possesses. To Takeuchi, to whom it is normal to see supernatural phenomena and all kinds of ghosts, this is just a part of everyday life!

Day 1 / 20:41:18 (Hirunotsuka - Mizuhiruko Shrine spring)

"They aren't just attacking for no reason. There must be something, somewhere, connected to them, controlling them... And if I defeat it?" Takeuchi, as a folklorist with honed instincts, has encountered many strange things, and reasons that there is a shibito brain without being told by anyone. This sharpness is part of the charm of Mystery Hunter Takuechi.

Day 2 / 10:29:56 (Janokubi Valley - Return Bridge)

At first, Takeuchi only thinks of Yoriko Anno, the student who takes life at her own pace who dragged herself along, as an irritation. However, as he sees Yoriko stay cheerful without stopping or complaining, in spite of the danger, Takeuchi's opinion of the "strange student" definitely raises. An important scene showing him smile.

Tamon Q&A

Q: How does Takeuchi learn of the "way to fight back" he writes of in his notebook?
A: Through his father's books and independent research. This knowledge was also granted to Koichi Shimura by Omito Takeuchi.

Q: Was Tamon Takeuchi sucked into the Other World 27 years ago?
A: Tamon did not set foot in the Other World. Perhaps he simply sensed something as he was knocked over. Tamon in the opening and Harumi in the ending were intentionally made to resemble each other.

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