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Forbidden Siren Archive Items 079-084 Information from Siren Maniacs Guide Book

[No.079] Signpost with Map of Arato

A map of Arato. It can be obtained from the signpost in front of the Ishikawa house in the level "Kyoya, Day 2, 20:00". Kyoya also passes through Arato on day 1, 2:00, but at the time the map signpost is blocked off by several planks and cannot be picked up. By day 2, 20:00, the Arato area has been surrounded by the Shibito nest, and since apparently this requires a lot of construction material the planks that were in front of the map have vanished.

[No.080] The Takeuchi Monographs: Beliefs of Hanuda Village

Records written by local historian Omito Takuechi. [No.026] Notes on the Kajiro Family (published in 1971) and "Beliefs of Hanuda Village" (published in 1973) are both published as part of the Takeuchi Monographs, but this edition, with "the date of Datatsushi's coming" written on the cover, is a summary of Hanuda village's religious beliefs. According to it, dating back to ancient times the Mana Rock has been prayed to as an object of worship. It also mentions two reasons for why Manaism is a religion that takes such a bizarre form - "to escape the oppression of the powerful" and "due to the effects of a strange being" - providing a detailed analysis of the secretive religion's nature. Also, a chronology of Hanuda's unique history, as denoted by the "record of the coming of Datatsushi" on the cover, is inside. This record seems to start at the year of Datatsushi's arrival in Hanuda. According to it, the year "Takeuchi Monographs: Beliefs of Hanuda Village) was published (1973) is 1289 years after the coming of Datatsushi. Using calculations, you can figure out that if Datatsushi arrived 1289 years before 1973, it was in 684 AD.

[No.081] Hanudan Culture

A detailed summary of the culture, history and legends of Hanuda Village. According to its section on the origins of the village, artefacts from the Jomon, Yayoi and Kofun periods have been discovered in Hanuda, showing evidence of human society from the early Jomon period.

[No.082] Bag of Laughs

A toy that enjoyed explosive popularity in Japan in the 1970s. The cloth bag contains a square box in which batteries can be inserted, and when a button in the bag is pressed it emits amused laughter for about a minute.

[No.083] Kajiro Family Maid's Diary

A diary that seems to have been written by a maid of the Kajiro family who was assigned to the previous Miyako (dated 27 July 1976). While devotedly serving Miyako, who is to become the "bride of god", she notes her uncertainty upon the delivery at last of her wedding attire, finding it hard to look Miyako in the eyes knowing that she is destined to soon leave the world. This diary appears to have been written by a maid called Sumiko who appears in "Strange Tales of Hanuda" chapter 3. Sumiko laments the ill fortune of Miyako, who is to be sent to the Underworld as a human sacrifice, a victim of Hanuda's curse. However, as becomes apparent in chapter 4 of Strange Tales, Sumiko is actually Hisako Yao, the cause of everything who controls the dark side of the village. Hisako, the "yao bikuni" who long ago ate the flesh of Datatsushi, has lived for so long that she begins switching between different names and personalities, sometimes even forgetting her identity and goal, her personalities unstable.

[No.84] Tamon Takeuchi's Notebook

As a native of Hanuda and folklorist, Tamon tries to out the dark side of the village that controls it. Theorising from seeing the results of his research, he seems to have discovered even the most essential things. "This land remembers the incident that first caused the dimensions to warp. Like a scratched record that repeats the same melody over and over, everything repeats." This part reflects the concept of Ouroboros, an eternal loop, that is prevalent throughout the entire game. It also says, "When power arises, so does a way to reverse it," and it appears that he has become aware of the existence of the Uryen, a "trump card" that can destroy the Shibito. Ultimately, when Tamon meets up with Kyoya in the Shibito Nest he says, "I have no use for it anymore. You take it," giving this notebook containing the results of his research to Kyoya. It looks as though in the end, Kyoya himself also learns of the role of Hisako Yao and the power of the Uryen he holds from it.

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