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Forbidden Siren Archive Items 073-078 Information from Siren Maniacs Guide Book

[No.073] Serow Notebook

Shibito script written by the Shibito-turned Tomoko Maeda in her notebook. By deciphering the passage, you can see that it reads, "god is coming." The level in which this item is obtained, "Harumi Day 2 15:00", allows you to get a good look at how the Maeda family lives together as Shibito, and is a slightly odd stage. Tomoko scribbling, the mother looking at the (empty) TV screen and cackling, the father trying to use the tabletop lighter to light a cigarette... Their actions, unconsciously repeating their memories from life, are eerie and yet amusing. And from Tomoko's scribbles, it seems as though they, too, sense that "the time" is near.

[No.074] Beaded Doll

An item that tells the story of Miyako Kajiro and Harumi Yomoda's friendship. The two got to know each other a few days before the siren sounds in Hanuda Village. Both concealing feelings of loneliness, they probably hit it off straight away. Harumi ends up giving a handmade beaded doll to Miyako as a present. As you can see from its motif of a girl with black hair wearing a black dress, the doll is modelled on Miyako. She keeps the doll with her, treasuring it, but loses it inside the abandoned house in Tabori during her travels. When Harumi arrives at the house later on, she discovers the doll and quickly realises that Miyako has been there.

[No.075] Legends of the World's Salvation: The Fruit of Hieda

On Day 2 at 15:00, the comatose Miyako has a dream. She sees her sleeping self and, surrounding her, people seeming to be devouring something hungrily. Then, suddenly, an eerie sound begins to ring out. It resembles both the cry of a beast and the sound of a siren... Naturally, this dream is the people of Hanuda in 684 AD (one of whom is Hisako Yao) eating the flesh of the god (Datatsushi) shown through the eyes of Datatsushi as it is eaten. The explanation for this dream and the "Legends of the World's Salvation: The Fruit of Hieda" that is obtained after it very closely resembles the incident involving the fruit of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Two trees grew in paradise - the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. But a human ate the forbidden fruit, which they were bade never to do. The concept of a "forbidden fruit" is replaced with the "flesh of the god" in Hanuda Village in the real world. And for the sin of eating this forbidden fruit, rather than being expelled from paradise, Hanuda is cursed by Datatsushi.

[No.076] Hospital Patient's Scribbles

Scribbles drawn by a patient on the wall of the isolation ward at the Miyata Clinic. At first glance the scribbles give off a sense of insanity, countless eyes drawn across the wall, crushed by some insane persistence. This motif of "crushed eyes" appears to come from fear towards the sudden onset of "visions". Unlike those who intentionally use their ability to sightjack, some people living in Hanuda Village would share visual and auditory hallucinations against their own volition. To them, the sudden vague scenes in their vision and distant sounds in their ears must have been unbearably terrifying. At the same time, the sensation of looking at themselves through someone else's eyes... it would not be strange to think that their mental balance would gradually slip. These kinds of people feared eyes. It may have been Takafumi Shimura, locked up inside the Miyata Clinic, who drew these scribbles on the wall.

[No.077] Photo from Old Album

The Guiding Nun visits a patient lying in a hospital bed. On her face is a calm, gentle smile. However, if you look closely, you can see that the Hisako Yao in the photo, taken in 1966, is the same as she is now. She is a monster, living without aging, eternally young. She has "always" been watching over the village, cleaning up dissenters without hesitation. But the residents of Hanuda Village don't think too deeply about why Hisako is the only one showing no signs of aging. If they try, their mind drifts... This is another feature of Datatsushi's curse.

[No.078] Legends of the World's Salvation: Tidings of Great Joy

"Messengers descended from the heavens to a village girl and did sayeth unto her, 'Thou art blessed. O child of the Great God, come down from the heavens.'" In other words, this shows that Datatsushi and the village girl, Miyako Kajiro, are the same being.

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