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Forbidden Siren Archive Items 018-022 Information from Siren Maniacs Guide Book

[No. 018] Hanging Scroll

A scroll depicting people standing in a red lake, and Midnight Pimpernels. Midnight Pimpernels bloom thickly in the Netherworld.

[No. 019] Hanuda Town Hall News

Published in July 1976. It was published just before the landslide of 1976. The town hall news article notifies of the area restructuring project to take place in two years, from August 1978, in Ataro and Harayadori. Since Hanuda has always been prone to natural disasters, at this point the town administration was trying to begin disaster prevention efforts. In August, after the restructuring was announced, the village suffered devastating damage in a huge landslide, turning it into what it is now. The town hall news also tells of the name change that was to go along with the restructuring, with Arato becoming Upper Arato 1-4 and Harayadori becoming Lower Arato 1-3. From this, you can confirm that the riverside construction site area where Kyoya is first attacked by the police officer shibito is from 2003. Contrarily, this shows that as the notice is found on the counter inside the area with the restaurant (Arato), though it is linked to the area from 2003 it is actually just as it was in 1976. Hanuda Village, having been sucked into the Other World by the failure of the ritual, is constructed from a variety of areas and time periods like a patchwork quilt.

[No. 020] Book of Deliverance: Discord at the World's End

The "Book of Deliverence" is Hanuda's scriptures. It is found in the archive with each chapter separate, explaining the structure of the village's unique religion. This chapter, "Discord at the World's End", tells of the strange occurrences due to the village being sucked into the Other World quite faithfully. "The present and the past become one, and all water is dyed red with the blood of Our Lord" ... "Those who are granted the red water, whether living or dead, will have their souls returned to their bodies by the power of Our Lord." The illustration on the left-hand page of the book depicts the god. It is shown as being a winged, snake-like being, and hints at the origin of Hanuda's name (the kanji in Hanuda meaning "winged life snake") coming from memories of Datasushi from the distant past.

[No. 021] Kyoya Suda's Student ID

The student ID of Kyoya Suda, a high school student and occult fanatic who visits Hanuda Village on his mountain bike. The name of his school is "Nakano-sakaue High School", which is actually taken from the location of the office used by SCEJ during development of Siren, located in Nakano-sakaue (currently relocated). Perhaps the staff wanted to use the name of a place they are very familiar with for the location of his school. This may be digressing, but inside his ID, based on an actual pass case and used as a prop during filming, is a receipt from an actual convenience store in Nakano-sakaue. According to it the purchase was made at 6:06pm on Wednesday, 26 December 2002. This is right in the middle of Siren's development. The items bought were XX Stomach Soother and a meat bun, for a total of 675 yen... (tax included). This receipt was probably intentionally put in as a prop to give things a sense of realism, and it's quite interesting how hard the team concentrates on even the smallest of things. Also, there is a piece of paper noting a certain URL slipped inside. If you actually visit this site on the internet, you will find a message board called "Occult Land BBS". If you take a good look you will be able to see a post by someone going by the username "SDK", which is Kyoya Suda himself. Through these actions by the team, they attempt to merge reality and the game (the completely fake BBS even has an ad banner featuring Naoko Mihama!).

[No. 022] Hanyoodles

These soba noodles are a Hanuda specialty. The charm of these noodles appears to be in their rubber band-like elasticity, but what leaves a deeper impression is the topping on the noodles. They are only found on the menu of the restaurant in 1976 Harayadori, for the low price of 330 yen. It looks like the development team actually made these noodles, but the flavour... "no comment".

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