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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 84 - 88

[No. 084] Pylon Pictures

Scribbles done by construction workers left on the walls of the "Outlying Island Line 4 Pylon" office, standing in a forbidden area of Yamijima. They all have the same base theme, "a pylon, towering high in the sky, merged with a huge tree".

As mentioned in the description of archive [No.028] Harbour Worker's Journal, all of those who had relocated to Yamijima sensed a "strange creepiness" about the island. When several people drew the same eerie image of a tower simultaneously, the feeling of unease most likely increased between those connected, an incident too unnatural to call a simple coincidence. Maybe the workers vaguely sensed that they had committed a sin in building the pylon on the peak of Mt. Shinari, originally a place which was forbidden from behind entered. Further, if you think of the tower's construction as "challenging the will of god", you may be able to consider the pylon built on Yamijima to be a projection of the Tower of Babel as mentioned in chapter 11 of the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible.

[No. 085] Dog Whistle

A whistle that emits high-frequency sounds that cannot be heard by human ears. Shu Mikami keeps this with him in order to issue orders to his guide dog, Tsukasa. Soji Abe later obtains it in the break room at the Yamijima mine, which leads to Tsukasa following him around. Also, as previously written, the reason Tsukasa is oddly fond of Soji Abe is because she can smell the scent of her master on him after the two acted together in the stage "3:00 Stand-in".

[No. 086] Soji Abe's Lighter

The favourite lighter of Soji Abe, who smokes Okapi cigarettes. As described earlier, the lighter and cigarettes could be called the hardest workers in the whole of Siren 2. Abe, suffering from horrendous diarrhoea after eating Yami Akebi, uses a toilet at the Yamijima mine. A few minutes later he emerges with a refreshed expression on his face, tossing the butt of a cigarette into the toilet, which ignites the methane gas that has accumulated inside and explodes. This induces an explosion of the gas in the shafts, causing a ripple that ultimately reaches the base of the pylon and destroys it. Though the result may have been a complete accident, it is actually Soji Abe who destroys the pylon, used by the Yamibito in their invasion of the land, without remnants, saving humanity. However, to unlock the cutscene in which Abe throws the cigarette butt into the toilet ("22:00 Accident"), all levels (except Nitaka Ichifuji's) must have their time attack records beaten. Due to this, it would seem as though most people only remember the scene in which Abe stares at the collapsing tower in shock, muttering, "No way..." (movie stage "22:00 Explosion"). However, the huge explosion that hits the tower was indeed caused by Soji Abe himself. Incidentally, the reason a dog's teethmarks can be seen on the lighter's surface is that after temporarily losing it it is picked up by Ichiko Yagura and then Tsukasa, who returns it to him.

[No. 087] Anthology of Yamijima Folk Tales

Contains a legend concerning the "sin dwelling in the sea" that has been told since ancient times on Yamijima. Despite being told that pregnant women who enter the sea will bring certain disaster, one goes into the water. The legends of Yamijima tell that the baby, when finally born, is the "sin from the sea" itself. An "Ohta" demands a harsh response to the child, saying it should be "cut up, put in a small cask and buried". This Ohta was, naturally, one of Tsuneo Ohta's ancestors. The "holy tree" the child is ultimately destroyed with is a branch of the Mekkoju.

[No. 088] Mamoru Itsuki's Digital Camera

The digital camera of Mamoru Itsuki, burning with ambition at his first big job as apprentice in the editing department of a magazine. This "self-shot", taken before heading off on research, is quite an important one. In the background of the photo are a fisherman - later "Shibito Edo" - and Yuri Kishida. Taking someone to open the "seven seals" on Yamijima and merge with Mother is the role of the dove (Yuri Kishida). At this moment, Yuri is leading fisherman Edo back to Yamijima with her. However after arriving on the island the fisherman dies in an unforseen accident (falling onto a rocky area and hitting his head), so Yuri changes her target to Mamoru Itsuki. Also, the boat shown behind Itsuki is the Shoseimaru. You can see this if you look losely at the name on the boat's stern, but the characters are blurry, so you read it as "Hanumaru". This is a play by the staff.

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