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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 56 - 62

[No. 056] UMA Fossil

A fossil that was plastered within a wall in the fort ruins underground in Kaioizaki. In the archive's description it mentions a "big god", a "big sis (Kanae)" and a "mother", which are all to do with a being that created the world, far surpassing human intellect (Annaki) and beings that were born from the bones of the Annaki. "Big sis' mother" obviously refers to Mother. In actuality, it is not only Mother (or the "ancient ones" from whom she was created) who was born from the bones of the Annaki, but also countless beings all over the world, taking different forms and qualities. Amongst these, some became gods that appear in legends, becoming objects of worship to cults. Datatsushi, revered as "god" by the people of Hanuda in Siren, and the "ancient ones" from Siren 2 (who later become the Yamibito) are, in a broad sense, also "(comrades of) big sis' mother". The fossil from beneath the fort ruins is the remains of another of these beings. The strange skeleton and form it takes did not pique the interest of the pragmatic military, simply being plastered over beneath the wall as it lay.

[No. 057] SDF PR Magazine "Devotion"

A PR magazine announcing that Takeaki Misawa has been awarded first place in the men's biathlon at the Asian Winter Games. The "countless arms" scribbles all over it were of course done by Misawa. It shows his dark side, his mental state gradually worsening after being deployed to Hanuda Village. Also, at the top of the right-hand page is a photo of a group of development staff members who visited the Self-Defence Force to do research. The pamphlet also contains a score sheet for the shooting simulator they actually took part in.

[No. 058] Yami Nabe

Yamijima's specialty dish. The previous game had Hanuda Soba, a specialty of Hanuda Village, and it seems as though for some reason areas with mysterious legends have many dishes made up of strange ingredients. Also, the development team who worked on Siren 2 like to actually try things out, and this time as well they made and ate Yami Nabe. By looking at photos from that time, for some reason they're all roaring with laughter, which must surely mean that it was delicious.

[No. 059] Soji Abe's Cigarettes

Cigarettes inside a package bearing the image of an okapi, a rare animal from Africa. It is obviously a parody of Camel cigarettes. Incidentally, there are also cigarettes called "Kyon" that appear in the film adaptation of Siren. These are based on Hachijo Island, where the film was shot, and a joke from "Kid Cop", a comedic manga (by Tatsuhiko Yamagami) - "the Hachijo Island kyon!" - given an animal design packaging to maintain a link to the game.

Also, inside a plastic case is a business card for the fortune teller Akiko Kiyota. After fleeing from the scene of Ryuko Tagawa's murder, Abe finds the card amongst Ryuko's belongings and heads for Yumemi Salon. If you visit the URL for the Yumemi Salon official site written on the card, you can actually experience a simple tarot reading.

[No. 060] Tsukasa'a Collar

After saving her master from the collapsing storage building in level "-2:00 Chance Meeting", the guide dog Tsukasa becomes separated from her master. Afterwards, Tsukasa's actions are all centred around following Shu Mikami's scent. As she does so, she delivers Soji Abe's dropped lighter to Abe, and in the so-called "Abe Ending" snuggles up to him quitely; the reason she seems so fond of Abe, who at first glance appears violent, is because she smells the scent of her master coming from Abe's body, after serving as Mikami's "eyes" for a time.

[No. 061] Letter to Shigeru Fujita

Shigeru Fujita, a police officer who seems to have drawn the short straw in life, a good, passionate man whose efforts all end fruitlessly. "Sorry, Asako..." is his final line, but actually Asako is not the name of his wife, rather the name of his daughter. This is a letter sent to him by his beloved daughter, about whom he thought so much. It tells of severing ties with Fujita, who refuses to give up however many times he fails, the contents being in a way merciless. In the end even Ichiko Yagura, the girl he should have been protecting, turns her knife on him, completely luckless. It is surely not in your imagination that something about Fujita appears to overflow with grief.

[No. 062] Ancient Legends of Yamijima "Those Pursued by Light"

A legend that tells of the "Flood of Light", a tale that forms the basis of Siren 2's story. It tells how long, long ago, fearing the flood of light, some beings (Yamibito) fled to the Land of Darkness, and another hid itself away at the bottom of the sea (Otoshigo), sending messenger girls (doves, Simulacra) to the earth.

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