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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 45 - 48

[No. 045] Heart-Shaped Letter

Following on from the "School Uniform-Shaped Letter" sent by Ichiko Yagura to her friend Noriko Kifune, this is the second complexly-folded letter. This was sent by Noriko Kifune to her classmate, Ichiro Nakajima. These complicated folded letters were once used as a communication system between middle school girls, but compared to the artfully-folded, almost professional uniform-shaped letter, this is in quite a simple heart design.

However, compared to the outward appearance of cuteness, the information it contains is quite serious. "There's something I'm really worried about ... Something I can't even tell Ichiko." At this point, noticing symptoms of her pregnancy, Noriko is scared and anxious. Through the letter, she is trying to convey her anxiety to her boyfriend (the child's father) Nakajima. The letter itself does not contain the shocking truth outright, though, simply calling Nakajima to "meet me by the stairs". You can see the two meeting up late at night on the boat's stairs and talking in the archive "[No.078] Ferry CCTV Monitor". For the two of them, both middle school students, the word "pregnant" must have seemed like a huge burden... But a part of Noriko seems somehow optimistic. Despite the profound worries she had at the time of writing the letter she starts it off with, "That match was sooo cool," "I've never seen you in such great form as during that last serve!" showing a glimpse of an innocent side of her. Perhaps it's because she's so focused on her love that even while having such huge worries, thinking of Nakajima makes her forget herself.

[No. 046] Middle School Tennis Competition Handout

An item that shows that Ichiko and a group of middle school students were travelling on the Bright Win on their way back from a tennis club trip. On 31 July 1986, the Kameishino Middle School tennis team competed as representatives of their prefecture in the nationwide tennis tournament. After achieving a better than expected result of runner up, they begin their trip home on 1 August. As has already been explained, archive "[No.042] Trophy" is the runner up's prize.

As you can see by looking at the print-out, Kameishino Middle School appears to be close to Sanzu Harbour on the mainland. From there they get on the ferry and ride it to the city in which the tournament is to take place. After appearing in the tournament they again board the ferry and return to Sanzu Harbour. Since there is an in-game elementary school on Yamijima it's easy to think Ichiko, in her uniform, is tied to the island, but though she is a resident of the Shikai region she lives in an area with no direct connections to Yamijima. The correct answer is that she became wrapped up in the disaster while travelling by boat near Yamijima. By the way, the name of the tennis team adviser that can be seen on the print-out is "Tomoyuki Watanabe", which is the name of the professor who is absorbed by a rampaging dove in the nurse's room in chapter 1 of "Mystery of the Bright Win", published on the official website.

[No. 047] Ferry Passenger's Video Tape

Two "doves" (Offshoots B and B') that appear in the side story published on the official website, "Mystery of the Bright Win". The two, released into the human world by Mother but unable to adapt sufficiently to the environment on land, drown in the sea off the coast of Yamijima. They are retrieved by the Bright Win, on a voyage nearby. The video tape shows, by coincidence, their corpses. The couple (according to Director Toyama, the "idiot couple") share an easygoing conversation as the tape rolls, getting closer to where the retrieved bodies lie, and continue recording until they are stopped by a sailor. The video shows a glimpse of a drowned body (either Offshoot B or B') lying on the deck of the Bright Win. Incidentally, the label on the tape has the names of the "idiot couple" as "Keiichi & Tomoko". These names come from the director (Keiichiro) Toyama and Siren 2's localisation manager Tomoko Funakoshi. When the movie was being filmed, all of the participants were actually members of the development team. Seeing a group of adults who have reached a decent age dressed up in school uniforms and sailor outfits shows quite an enthusiastic (bizarre?) performance.

[No. 048] Shikai News

A newspaper article reporting a small fire caused by a ruin fanatic who visited Yamijima. It is based on an actual fire that occurred on Gunkanjima. The name of the ruin fanatic who was "attacked by a dark red monster (shiryo)" is taken from the real name of the manager of the site "Beckoned by Ruins", who was also Ms. Sato's senior classmate at university, "Mr. Ushiro Metasa".

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