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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 33 - 38

[No. 033] Strange Stone (OOPArt)

Objects that appear to have been created using technology not available at that point in history are referred to as OOPArts (Out of Place Artefacts). Known cases include the crystal skull discovered in ruins of the Mayan civilisation that appear to have been crafted in a more refined manner than techniques of the era would allow, and a skull found in the Andes from more than two thousand years before bearing marks of brain surgery. On Yamijima - a place overflowing with mysteries - too, OOPArts were excavated. This strange stone has been polished into a shape resembling a perfect sphere. It was dug up by chance during gold mining operations, but eventually was put down to something put there as a prank by someone and discarded. The layer of earth in which it was discovered was from prior to the Ordovician period (roughly four to five hundred million years ago), and even now creating a perfect sphere is tricky - combining these facts, you could say that this item tells that a civilisation existed that became advanced in prehistoric times. Given its shape resembling a black sphere, it is perhaps a mystical object that is tied to the ancient light-hating beings' desire to paint the sun shining in the sky black. Also, in the world shown in the "Nagai ending" in which the Yamibito have reclaimed the world, the sun in the sky is pitch black.

[No. 034] Japanese UMA Encyclopaedia

A standalone release published by Super Scientific Research Co., distributors of ocult magazine "Atlantis". UMA is an abbreviation of "Unidentified Mysterious Animals", and refers to creatures such as Nessie of Loch Ness and the yeti of the Himalayas.

This book, compiling information about UMAs, also contains details of a huge cat called the Yamipikarya that is said to live on Yamijima. Incidentally, the hand-drawn illustration of a Yamipikarya on the left-hand page was drawn by Siren 2's art director Isao Takahashi (as were the two images at the bottom of the page). He says, "I drew it to give the other staff a sense of the Yamipikarya's image". Also, the photo on the same page of "two brothers who sustained injuries in a confrontation with a Yamipikarya" was taken of two actual twin brothers on the Siren 2 development team.

Take note of the name of the author's name: Shinichi Amamoto. On the Atlantis article "remnants of Holy Tree myths seen throughout the world", introduced in [No.007] Mamoru Itsuki's Company ID, is written "words: Shinichi Amamoto". Shinichi Amamoto, a writer specialising in the occult field, is the same name as the writer played by Leo Morimoto in the live action film "Siren: Forbidden Siren". This shows the staff's playful side.

[No. 035] Tomoe Ohta's Hair Ornament

A hair ornament given by Tsuneo Ohta, head of Yamijima's fisherman and coming from a fairly wealthy family, to his daughter Tomoe. It is an expensive item, but Tomoe loses it as she chases after Kanae on the night of the raid on the Mikami house. The sight of her searching for it, flustered, is a pitiful one. This hair ornament is later discovered inside a duct at the Yamijima mine; it was brought there by a Yamipikarya trying to hide something. As written in Japanese UMA Encyclopaedia, Yamipikarya are inclined to collect shiny objects.

[No. 036] Akiko Kiyota's Driving License

An item that provides a clue as to Akiko Kiyota's birthday. As previously noted, 3 August 1976 was the day on which the Yamijima undersea cable cutting and mass disappearances of Yamijima's islanders occurred. That day, Akiko Kiyota's mother fell from a boat off the coast of Yamijima. Because of this, the "essence" of a dove dwells within Akiko.

[No. 037] Robo Zoo

A strategic, last-ditch effort by Sushibon Co., which had been pushed into the red due to disastrous sales of [No.019] Robo Beast, on which the company's fate rested. As you can imagine from its reused-looking design, the toy was a huge flop that finally ended up in the company going bankrupt. However, they seem to have sold enough that the children of Yamijima bought them.

[No. 038] Yami Akebi

A climbing plant that grows wild on Yamijima. Eating its fruit sometimes causes horrendous diarrhea. After the unknowing Soji Abe bites into one, he is struck by intense diarrhea, which eventually ends up causing the events that save humanity itself, so you never know how things will turn out in life. Along with archive [No.059] Soji Abe's Cigarettes, this is an important item.

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