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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 22 - 26

[No. 022] Shu Mikami's Drawing

A drawing based on Kanae done by a young Shu Mikami. Kanae, as shown in the centre of the picture, is wearing a blue dress; these are the same clothes she is wearing the night the Mikami house is raided by Tsuneo Ohta and the others. She is wearing the same dress in archive "[No.093] Photo of Shu Mikami & Kanae". Also, the place where normally a blue sky and sun should be drawn at the top of the picture is covered with black clouds, which is Shu's way of showing Kanae's aversion to light. Kanae's extreme fear of sunlight can also be seen in the aforementioned archive "Photo of Shu Mikami & Kanae". Although the picture was taken during the day, the room's curtains are drawn tightly, giving it an overall dark tone. "Those who fear the light"... To Yamijima's islanders, these people were to be feared. This culminated in the fateful night of the Mikami house raid that awaited.

[No. 023] Shu Mikami's Cassette Tape

A tape recording a conversation between the Mikamis and Kanae in happy times. Unlike now, where MiniDisc and digital voice recorders are commonplace, standard household cassette tapes had only just begun to come into widespread use in the 1970s, and it was standard to record everyday conversations on them rather than music and the like, since people were still awed by the ability to record their own voices. Responding to Shu's badgering to "sing the song (Konagihishoka)", Kanae begins to sing, but Ryuhei, being a field archaeologist, overreacts to it. This is because Ryuhei has done research on Yamijima's seals, and knows fragmented sections of Konagihishoka's lyrics. With his knowledge of the song from literature, he is shocked that Kanae knows the melody, which should have been lost long ago. On the other hand, as the dove sent (by Mother) to try to break the seals of the seven gates, Ryuhei's partial knowledge of the song may have showed Ryuhei to be a burden. It is possible that this may have been an underlying cause of his murder on the night the of the Mikami house raid. Also, the logo "HOMY" on the cassette tape's label is derived from "Khoomii", a type of Mongolian folk music that Hoshingoeika, the main song from the previous game, was based on.

[No. 024] Letter to Ryuhei Mikami

An item that tells the story of an exchange between Omito Takeuchi (Tamon Takeuchi's father), a local historian from the previous game, and Ryuhei Mikami. It tells of Omito being concerned about Ryuhei's circumstances, having lost his wife, received by Ryuhei in the previous year, 1972, after his wife Yayoi drowned in the sea surrounding Yamijima. Incidentally, Yayoi's body later washes up in the World of Nothingness, being taken from Yamijima's sea into the Other World, and she is turned into the model for the doves by Mother. This is why the face of the resulting dove (Kanae) is identical to that of Ryuhei Mikami's wife. Omito Takeuchi pressed on with his solo research of the dark side of Hanuda, and Ryuhei Mikami researched the dark side of Yamijima. The two discussed a "study meeting" that happens once every few years, but we have no way of knowing now whether they had realised that they were connected by their pursuit of the keywords "siren" and "Other World".

[No. 025] Takeaki Misawa's SDF ID

The ID proving that Takeaki Misawa is a ground Self-Defence Force major, ground division. Misawa is an excellent soldier and qualified ranger, who at the time of his deployment as part of the rescue team sent to the Hanuda Village landslide in 2003 was ranked captain. He was later promoted a level, and it is highly likely that this promotion was due to his rescue of the single survivor of Hanuda (Harumi Yomoda). However, having set foot in Hanuda's cursed land, Misawa's sanity begins to erode. The "small insanity" lurking in the shadow of huge merit... Misawa is able to conceal this ruin with his characteristic self-control (and medication), but his endeavours are futile upon visiting Yamijima.

[No. 026] Scrawl on Sign

Scribbled Yamibito script on a sign at Yamijima Amusement Park. It says "seven gates". It shows that the attempt at breaking Yamijima's seals had been made several times before, creating countless victims, repeated over and over.

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