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Forbidden SIREN 2 - Yuri Kishida

forbidden siren 2 ps2 horror game character yuri kishida

Yuri Kishida
Unemployed / female / 18
(actress: Mai Takahashi)

A mysterious, beautiful young girl Mamoru Itsuki meets on Yamijima amidst the strange occurrences and saves from an attacking Shibito. An air more seductive than would be expected of an 18 year old surrounds her, but her true form is that of a pure "dove" (Offshoot) born from Mother. Each of the doves seen previously in the game before her were unable to fulfil their duty to bring an "olive branch" (human) from the real world to the Nothingness World. However, as a devoted "messenger bird" who has been influenced the most profoundly by Mother, although her outward appearance is the same as tht of the other awakened doves her mindset and abilities are completely different to those who have come before since she is the "(closest to Mother) strongest Offshoot)".

After being born, in order to observe human society she kidnaps and imprisons a girl in a warehouse simply for the purpose of stealing her name (2 years ago - 2003), and beats to death Ryuko Tagawa, a traitorous dove, in Tokyo. Afterwards she uses her supernatural powers (powers such as visions, ability to see the past and telepathy that are superior to the ones given to the other doves/Offshoots by Mother. Her making her way back to Sanzu Harbour after murdering Ryuko without anyone noticing her is also due to this power) to ensnare a young fisherman (Shijin Edo) and men such as Itsuki and Nagai, planning to unseal the seven gates on the island.

Also, in the game Yuri acts like a "demon woman", but since she is one of a group of beings "stationed above humanity" (since she has supernatural powers), she feels no sense of wrongdoing by breaking the rules set by human society. "Realising that Itsuki has arrived, she pretends to have passed out (since she understands that this will draw his sympathy)", "Feeling a strong suspicion from Itsuki she flees (deciding that the "lie" about wanting to help her mother who is imprisoned on the island would be a chore to explain any further, she leaves in search of another man) - these actions represent Yuri's desperate want to fulfil her mother's wishes (though she treats humanns as "weak, useless, powerless creatures"...)

Eventually Yuri, after returning to the Netherworld with a human, successfully returns to Mother. Mother, recognising the existence of the "olive branch", births Yamirei as she uses her own power (the siren that sounds at 0:00) to recreate the "Reflected World" (at this point a time rewind occurs, creating a timeslip between the illusionary Yamijima and the real world), beginning her infiltration of the real world.

Pretending to have passed out

Yuri deceives those nearby one by one, as she as in a hurry of her own (unable to wait until morning). Many of her movements are by chance.

"Why are you still alive!?"

Tomoe has been brought to the illusionary Yamijima from the world 19 years ago by the red tsunami. She mistakes Yuri for Kanae (0:00 "Vision").

Simply dealing with those who get in the way

Learning of the existence of the Shiryo and Simulacrum, Yuri realises that "things" besides humans are in the mix. However, these are nothing but obstacles to her.

Revealing the true form of an awakened dove

The forms of humans and Yamibito are similar, but their bodies are constructed like completely different life forms. Awakened Offshoots have their "true face" on their torso.


2003 - Offshoot C is released into the real world by Mother. Offshoot C steals the name of a person at Sanzu Harbour and becomes "Yuri Kishida"

Real World

-31:00 - Heads for Ryuko's apartment in Tokyo and murders her. A strange love-hate between the two Offshoots. Confrontation between the Simulacra

-29:00 - After killing Ryuko, goes to Sanzu Harbour. Charms fisherman Shibito Edo

-9:00 - Led by Yuri, fisherman steers ship towards Yamijima

-6:00 - Just about to make landing on the island, stormy seas shipwreck the boat. Washing up on the shore, Yuri abandons the fisherman and wanders the area

-3:00 - Senses Itsuki's presence. Rescued, Yuri switches focus to him
-2:00 - Lies to Itsuki that she came to the island under the coercion of a young fisherman

Other World

0:00 - Encounters Misawa and Nagai. Immediately afterwards hit by a huge red tsunami
0:00 - Heads for Yamijima Amusement Park with Itsuki after he regains consciousness
0:00 - Feels a strong rejection from Itsuki's comment and leaves
1:00 - Kicks Shiryo as she wanders. Senses Ichiko's consciousness
2:00 - Sees lights of the stranded ship. Encounters Self-Defence Force soldiers Misawa and Nagai on board. Escapes from the boat with Nagai's guidance
3:00 - Reunites with Itsuki. Opens the seals on the seven gates, descends to the Netherworld

5:00 - Yuri uncovers her chest - there lies her true face...

Return of the Dove

6:00 - Mother awakens due to fusing with Shu Mikami, and she returns to her. Countless Yamirei pour forth from her womb

18:00 - Through the pylon (Spider's Thread) stretching into the real world, the Reflected World Yamijima appears in the sky

22:00 - Final battle at the pylon Singularity. Destroyed by the Annaki
23:00 - A final, huge tsunami is caused by Mother's death throes. Everyone is swept away

Yuri Kishida in Each Level

"Resonance" (-31:59:04 / Tokyo / Kawai Apartments Room 203)

Under Mother's assassination orders, Yuri visits Ryuko (Offshoot B'). The moment Yuri, who stands out amongst the other doves and shares her consciousness with Mother, touches Ryuko, the two share a recalled fragment of human mentality (a yearning to be human?). However, unable to go against Mother's absolute order, Yuri indifferently batters Ryuko's face with a blunt object over and over, killing her...

"Maze" (3:45:28 / Yamijima Amusement Park / Coffee Cups)

Yuri, learning that Itsuki is visiting Yamijima Amusement Park via her supernatural power, sets a "trap" in order to bewitch him. Led by Yuri, Itsuki decides to reach the centre with her, but in actuality has been driven by a mysterious force, and unseals the seven gates as Yuri says. The momentary glimpse of Yuri's "demonic face" is terrifying.

"Return of the Dove" (6:00:00 / Netherworld)

Though Yuri's sight the "seven keys" to appear as the seven gates are unlocked, but this is just how they appear to Itsuki this way (as theoretical seals). In reality, Akiko and Ikuko, with the essence of a dove, and Shu following the memory of Kanae, each remove the seals their own ways at Yamijima Amusement Park (all at different times). Afterwards, Yuri fuses with Mother's neck and "completes" her.

Yuri Kishida Q&A

Q: It appears as though, like Yamirei, the flesh of Kanae and the other awakened doves (Offshoots) melts in the sunlight, but in archive [No.88] Mamoru Itsuki's Digital Camera, Yuri is walking around Sanzu Harbour in the daytime... Why is this?
A: Offshoots (since they are modelled on humans) have some degree of resistance to light and can withstand a little of it to an extent. In Kanae's case, although she avoided the sunlight she spent a lot of time playing with the young Shu and went outside more than needed, so ended up losing her resistance gradually (and at the point when the strongest light of the morning sun shines upon her, her body melts). After the photo is taken, Yuri immediately goes into the shadows...

Q: How compelling is the will (orders) of Mother to the doves?
A: They should actually be absolute orders, but their power weakens as they distance themselves. Ryuko was also unable to go against the will of Mother and was killed.

Q: In -5:00 "Wandering", Yuri and Itsuki make their descent into the Netherworld; does Itsuki have any suspicions about Yuri?
A: Since Itsuki is under the power of a dove, he has not yet noticed. As a , he is also busy considering the idea that the mysterious underground kingdom of Shambhala actually exists...

Q: Will anyone do as the "olive branch" brought to Mother?
A: The best candidate for an "olive branch" is a human who does what they are told with no suspicion. In actuality, age and gender do not matter. Itsuki is able to avoid being sucked in by Mother, but Mikami fulfils the role so Yuri is able to return safely.

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