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Forbidden SIREN 2 - Ikuko Kifune

forbidden siren 2 ps2 horror game character ikuko kifune

Ikuko Kifune
Part-time worker / female / 18
(actress: Nana Yanagisawa)

A girl who was born with "sympathetic sight", the ability to influence people's minds (read their thoughts). She is the daughter of Noriko Kifune, the only survivor of the Bright Win incident that occurred 19 years ago, and the essence of Offshoot B' entering the identical twins inside Noriko caused her to become an unawakened dove - human, but containing the essence of a dove.

Since Ikuko has understood from when she was a young child that she comes from a complicated family background (by reading adults' minds), she is extremely naive when it comes to dealing with others. The kind Ikuko (who knows about the Bright Win incident, her mother giving birth in middle school, her twin sister Ryuko etc.) realises that adults worry about her more than necessary, pretending on the surface to be determined and cheerful. However, as she grows up her power strengthens and she is shunned by her classmates; fearing that they will learn of her secret (her power to read other people's minds and the birthmark on her chest) and not wanting to get hurt any more, after graduating from high school she takes a part-time job at a harbour in a quiet area.

Upon becoming wrapped up in the oddity midway to Yamijima, Ikuko (due to the influence of the essence of a dove inside her) gradually begins to sense changes in her power. While previously she could only sometimes read people's minds, now it is so strong that she can get inside their heads and temporarily control them, and on top of this mysterious memories begin to rise up within her... Despite worrying if she is turning into a monster, Ikuko uses her newfound power to reach the Underworld and take the physically and mentally wounded Itsuki back to the surface with her. Ikuko feels a kind of liking towards Itsuki for being such a straightforward idiot, but when he sees her power she believes that one day he, too, well reject her like all of the others, and unable to take this she leaves Itsuki behind, wandering the Other World alone.

However, afterwards Itsuki truly wants to save Ikuko from her trauma (deciding, as a complete idiot, to confess to her), and when Ikuko understands this she reconsiders, entering the Singularity with Itsuki - the location of the final battle with Mother.

Boy meets girl

Itsuki interprets Ikuko's sarcasm as sincerity. Ikuko is amused by the unexpected exchange, and takes a liking to Itsuki.

I can't trust anyone anymore!

Abe feels an affinity with Ikuko, but Ikuko gives in to her self-loathing and decides not to get involved with other people anymore. This leaves Abe confused.

The "Mekkoju", creating possibilities

In order to destroy the now-Yamibito Shigeru Fujita, Ikuko receives the Mekkoju. Is it the "consensus" of a dove on the side of the humans, or the will of the ghostly Shu...?

After the possibilities "converge"

Returned to a world from which Mother has been completely erased, the two watch the morning sun from the pylon in the real world. There sits a "dove" that should not exist in this world...


1986 - Foetus of Ikuko's mother, Noriko Kifune (pregnant), entered by Offshoot B'. Born on 26 November that year

Real World

After graduating from high school, avoids mixing with people and takes a part-time job unbefitting of a young girl at the harbour

-9:00 - Asked about a way to get to Yamijima at the pier by Itsuki. Sails to Yamijima at the idea of the captain
-7:00 - Weather worsens during voyage. Falls into red sea. Momentarily controlled by Otoshigo via sympathetic vision, afterwards floating through the waves

Other World

0:00 - Siren sounds. Huge, deep red tsunami surges to Ikuko drifting off the Yamijima shore
2:00 - Washes up on rocky area on Yamijima. Awakens from nightmare
3:00 - Heads from harbour to Aonoku Settlement. Rests briefly at Mikami House
5:00 - Dove's memories begin to bloom inside Ikuko. Following memories, descends to Underworld

Return of the Dove

6:00 - Siren. Uses own power to save Itsuki from Mother. Takes Itsuki above ground

8:00 - Flees while protecting Itsuki. Saved by a red light pouring from the sky as they are about to be attacked by Yamirei
10:00 - Rests at Mikami House with Itsuki
11:00 - Ikuko hints at her supernatural power. The shocked Itsuki reflexively takes his hand away. Ikuko leaves with a self-derisory smile
12:00 - Wandering through Uryu Forest
15:00 - Chance meeting with Abe
16:00 - Heads for pylon alone

20:00 - Syncs with Yamibito consciousness and learns their goal. Destroys Fujita
21:00 - Saved by Itsuki as she is about to fall from the pylon. Ikuko calls him names as usual, and the two smile
22:00 - Saves Itsuki using sympathetic sights, aiming for the top of the tower before Ichiko. Itsuki and Ikuko fall into the sky along with collapse of pylon. Final battle with Mother at the Singularity
23:00 - Mother's dying screams. Swallowed up by huge red tsunami with Itsuki
24:00 - "Converging World"

Ikuko Kifune in Each Level

"Oddity" (-7:00:07 / Off the coast of Yamijima / Shoseimaru)

Ikuko, falling overboard from the Shoseimaru into the sea, is placed in a frantic situation when she is about to be attacked by Otoshigo, causing a new power called "sympathetic vision" to awaken, which she uses to get away safely. Ikuko is initially bewildered by the suddenly-occurring power, but upon making landfall on the island she uses it to survive the Shiryo and Shibito, her abilities as an "unawakened dove" gradually increasing as she uses it.

"Curse" (2:13:33 / Yamijima Harbour / Rocky area)

The Reflected World Yamijima shows people the trauma sleeping deep within their hearts with its strange power (though there are some, like Abe, with no trauma...). The classmates making fun of Ikuko in her nightmare is the trauma she felt as a high school student. Despite her sadness, Ikuko calls her classmates, and self-derisively her frightened self, names.

"Reconciliation" (21:39:01 / Yamijima / Outlying Island Line #4 Pylon)

Ikuko eventually comes to reject interpersonal relations, having a tough past filled with loss. However, Itsuki refuses to give in to her rejection (though this came only from Ikuko misunderstanding Itsuki), facing her head-on. Ikuko, understanding Itsuki's sincere feelings, embarrassedly thanks him in her own way.

Ikuko Kifune Q&A

Q: What does Ikuko feels towards her twin sister Ryuko Tagawa?
A: She was always concerned about Ryuko in her heart as someone who suffers the same way she does. However, on the surface in front of adults who know of her past, she pretends not to care or have any interest, hiding her complex emotions. The two both contain the same dove essence (Offshoot B'). Ryuko's ability is, naturally, also "sympathetic sight". If Ikuko were to awaken also, she would be fated with having the same face as Kanae, Yuri and Ryuko.

Q: In 11:00 "Separation", Itsuki and Ikuko separate; what does Ikuko feel?
A: When Itsuki lets go of Ikuko's arm as she goes to leave (the "I can read people's minds" scene), he isn't disgusted by her. The reason he lets go of her arm is a kind of fear (towards supernatural powers). Ikuko mistakes this as (Itsuki's) rejection. It seems as though Ikuko is mentally scarred; rather than try to get deeper and understand each other, she fears getting hurt and avoids getting connected to people...

Q: How was Ikuko able to remove the seals on the "seven gates" by herself?
A: She has the "essence of a dove (Offshoot)" itself, so she was beckoned (by Mother) whilst following the memories sleeping inside her to perform the Otherworld Descent.

Q: What is the red light that saves Itsuki and Ikuko?
A: Afternoon in the real-world Yamijima is shown in the sky, and its light reflects causing brightness.

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