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Theresia 2: Dear Lizst - Всё, что осталось от потерянной игры

На этой странице собраны все сохранившиеся материалы об исчезнувшем психологическом хорроре "Theresia II: Dear Lizst", который вышел в Японии в 2009-м году - но вскоре был снят с продажи из-за банкротства разработчиков.

1) Титульный экран первого эпизода:

theresia 2 dear lizst liszt mobile ds horror game игра хоррор терезия

2) Из скриншотов сохранились лишь две картинки с изображением девушек, живших в замке. Но в таком микроскопическом разрешении, что сложно что-то разглядеть.

theresia 2 dear lizst liszt mobile ds horror game игра хоррор терезия characters

theresia 2 dear lizst liszt mobile ds horror game игра хоррор терезия story screenshot

3) У одного японца под ником "Kurei" сохранились записи с кратким прохождением первого эпизода. Но к сожалению, там только само прохождение - почти без описания сюжетных сцен.

Почитать можно вот тут (на японском).

4) Также до наших дней дожила тетрадка с зарисованными в ней картами локаций. Так что теперь мы можем примерно представить, каких размеров был игровой мир в Theresia 2 и что из себя представлял старинный замок.

Подземные сооружения замка (в которых начинается первый эпизод):

theresia 2 dear lizst liszt mobile ds horror game игра хоррор терезия basement map

Первый этаж:

theresia 2 dear lizst liszt mobile ds horror game игра хоррор терезия first floor map

Второй этаж:

theresia 2 dear lizst liszt mobile ds horror game игра хоррор терезия second floor map

Подземный водоканал:

theresia 2 dear lizst liszt mobile ds horror game игра хоррор терезия underground map

Третий этаж замка:

theresia 2 dear lizst liszt mobile ds horror game игра хоррор терезия floor 3 map

5) Ну и наконец самое интересное. В 2009-м году человек под ником pkknobu перевёл на английский язык краткие прологи к каждому эпизоду (эти прологи висели на официальном японском сайте игры, пока его не закрыли) и запостил их на американском форуме GameFAQs.

Прологи раскрывают некоторые интересные подробности сюжета Theresia 2 - хотя после их прочтения всё равно остаётся гораздо больше вопросов, чем ответов.

Вот целиком тот форумный пост от pkknobu:

I noticed that some of you were interested in knowing what the summaries where saying concerning the new storyline, so I took the time to translate them. I don't profess to be a professional translator or anything and my ability to convert meanings between languages properly is rather limited. Please forgive me for any awkward sentences and so forth.

!! WARNING: !!
Please make note of that and don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled. I take no responsibility for your actions.

(Blue text at the top)
~The Man Who Has Lost His Memory and The Diary of the Women~

In a dimly lit room, the "The Man Who Has Lost His Memory" awakens on a stiff bed.
In that place, there isn't a single sign of life, and he must face the challenge of the strangely placed snares.
While roaming about, the man discovers a message. This is the women's written "diary".
While avoiding the dangerous traps around him, can he discover the past and solve the entire mystery?

Dear Lizst

-----The five women gifted the red bouquet to the man.
...from this dream the man awakens to the surrounding mineral walls of the cave he lay in.
Why he came to sleep in a place like this, he cannot recall. ...his memories are gone.
In order to regain his memories, the man wanders about while finding the written diary entries of the women.
There are a total of five women's names. That diary is the remnants and contents of the man's past.
The man's wandering has begun. While he avoids the traps. In order to uncover the past...

Dear Lizst

The man who witnessed the woman named Philia(?) die before his eyes crawled out from the underground institution.
Doing so, the man finds himself on the castle walls of a large, old castle. Somehow, it is all very familiar; this white, old castle...
Nearby, a cold downpour of rain begins to fall. The man cannot make his escape.
It is no good if he does not reclaim it; his past. The man begins treading this new area.
In that place, there are many bizarre traps intent on harming him placed about in the castle...it is the castle where the 5 women lived.

Dear Lizst

The five women gathered together to speak of the man named Lizst Theresia. He is no longer among the living.
The man encountered a young women named Eine Theresia within the castle...the one who is the younger sister of Lizst killed him.
And the vaccine named "Theresia"...those red beads were made from Lizst's genetic data.
The man's memories, his past, are slowly returning to him.
And the man understands. This is but a "mundane love" that is beginning to be overcome by tragedy.

Dear Lizst

"Lizst Theresia"...the one he had come to love. He trusted him as well.
While he is roaming about the place, the noisy, wriggling "Vaccine Theresia"...
Made from Lizst's genetics, those red beads squirm about.
While searching for a photograph, the man's struggle continues. Who in the world prepared such a stage and for what purpose?
In this man's future, the truth shall reveal itself. Sad and hopeful is the overwhelming conclusion of the women.

Dear Lizst
PAST TIME (All of the Memories)

...half a month has passed since that tragedy.
In the old castle, the man plucked a single red flower and gazed upon it, recalling the past.
And then decided on the written scandalous acts. The story of the man named Lizst's love that bore "Theresia"...
The women spun the entries of the diary in preservation and set up the dangerous traps about the old castle and the underground burial place.
The place where the man wandered and tread upon the past as well as the photo, now, everything is revealed.

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