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Forbidden Siren OST - Soundtrack and Music from the Horror Game

SIREN Original Soundtrack

forbidden siren ps2 horror game soundtrack music ost

Release Date: 22.10.2008
Composers: Hitomi Shimizu, Gary Oshiya

Official soundtrack CD with music from Forbidden Siren 1.
This soundtrack was released only in Japan.


01. Horatio -Hoshingoeika-
02. Mana River Construction Site
03. Arato
04. Hanuda Elementary School I
05. Janokubi Valley
06. Karuwari I
07. Gojaku Peak
08. Hirunotsuka
09. Hanuda Elementary School II
10. You're Not Used to Dealing With This... Leader Makino
11. Miyata Clinic
12. The Secret of Everlasting Life
13. Angel...?
14. Karuwari II
15. At the Eternal Interstice the Beginning and End Become One...
16. The Great Serpent...
17. Tabori
18. I Congratulate You, For All Fortune is Yours
19. Shibito Nest I
20. The Gates of Paradise are Open
21. Shibito Nest II
22. Everlasting Life Means Everlasting Pain...
23. Flames of Eternity... In Exchange For My Life...
24. Shibito Nest III
25. Just Open the Mirror Gate... Like This...
26. It Was You... The One Who Stole the Fruit...
27. Inferno
28. Mommy...
30. Hoshingoeika

Total Time - 1:16:50

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Forbidden SIREN Unofficial OST (Game Rip)

forbidden siren ps2 horror game unofficial soundrtrack ost music музыка саундтрек ост

Composers: Hitomi Shimizu, Gary Ashiya

Music files that were extracted by fans directly from the game's DVD disc, and converted to MP3 format.


01. With Broken Notes, The Siren Begins
02. Mysteries Within The Mist
03. The Presence of Hiruko
04. The Village Under Darkness of Night
05. Abandoned Structures Nestled Within The Forest
06. Cowering From Sight, As The Evil Approaches
07. Ancient Mysteries of Those Who Came Before
08. Prayer To Datatsushi
09. Shibito, The Souless Ones
10. The Mana God's Scream, Deep In The Night
11. The Macabre Vanity of Mihama
12. Advent of Angels
13. Old Stone Paths & Ancient Graves
14. Perfect World Of The Undead
15. Warding Off Sickness & Evil Spirits
16. Skulking and Lonesome
17. Epiphylum Noxypetalum
18. Sombre
19. Sorrowful Pity of Maeda
20. The Tsuchinoko's Will
21. Hoshingoeika
22. The Buster - 33 People Massacred

Total Time - 2:01:03

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A Paw on My Boyfriend's Left Hand

(Eri Azuma Song)

forbidden siren ps2 song eri azuma

A cute J-pop song "Watashi no Kare no Hidari Te ni Nikukyuu" from Forbidden Siren.

Performed by a Japanese pop star Eri Azuma, who tragically died in 1976 when she was hit by a truck on a way to a music award show.

This song was not included on the game's official soundtrack CD. But you can download it separately here:

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