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Shibito, Part 2 - Information from the Official Guide Book - Siren Maniacs

Spider Shibito (蜘蛛屍人)

One of the transformations of a half-Shibito that has performed umi-okuri in the red sea - in other words, a "stage two" Shibito. Only human males turn into this form. Their contorted posture, allowing them to crawl on all fours, and heads twisted in the opposite direction and covered in countless eyes are their main characteristics. Like Dog Shibito, they are controlled by a Shibito known as the Shibito Brain, but since they are the only kind of Shibito that can freely move across walls and ceiling they can sneak up on people from blind spots. Commonly, speedy Dog Shibito patrol outside, and Spider Shibito circle narrow spaces such as interior rooms. They have sharper senses than other Shibito, and react strongly to presences in the dark and faint sounds.

Fly Shibito (羽根屍人)

One of the transformations of a half-Shibito that has performed umi-okuri in the red sea - in other words, a "stage two" Shibito. It is unknown whether or not their gender when they were human is a condition for transforming into this mutation, but only Akira Shimura and Officer Ishida, men of the village, turn into this during the game. Their identifying features are their crustacean-like heads and four wings like you would see on a dragonfly. They can hover in midair, their wings fluttering, and attack survivors using revolves and rifles from above, acting as dangerous snipers. They cannot be defeated without using projectiles against them, though the sole saving grace is that the loud sound their wings make makes them comparably easy to spot from a distance.

Datatsushi (堕辰子)

A being from the "Other World" that appeared in 684 AD along with a comet. The young creature, falling to the ground in Hanuda Village along with the sacred stone, was seen by the villagers at the time as a god that had descended from heaven, and it is not difficult to imagine why they would worship and revere it as the ultimate being. However, due to a terrible famine that struck the village that year causing starvation, some of the villagers were unable to hold themselves back and ate it. Datatsushi became the village's saviour, but it was forbidden for unimportant humans to consume the flesh of a being of the Other World, which cast the original sin (or perhaps by a world more important than the Other World?). A woman of the village offered up her own child, begging for forgiveness, but it is unknown whether Datatsushi itself actually desired this. It is, after all, a being that humans cannot understand...

Incomplete form

Since Miyako's fruit (blood) is incomplete, it is resurrected in an incomplete form. Due to being revived without its senses it acts only on its instincts like a living creature, raging around the Shibito Nest, but it does understand that Hisako shares its blood and its part of it. It deeply despises sunlight, fleeing into the Mirror Pool after its body is burned.

Complete form

The "complete form" that is revived by Hisako Yao sharing her own "fruit". Hisako has been performing the ritual for such a long time that she hardly even remembers why she does it, and eventually using her own fruit, with its intense concentration of Datatsushi's own flesh and blood, finally grants her wish. The consciousness of the revived Datatsushi is shared by those who share its blood. It is fearsome and godlike in appearance.

About the Shibito - 2


Those who take in the red water have astounding cures and regenerations performed within their body, even if they are cut to pieces, using the water's power, capable even of reviving on a cellular level, unable to die. This is how they live forever, but their immortality means that they are no longer human (refer to archive no.62, Shiro Miyata's Chart), now entities that surpass human understanding. Ultimately, by repeating umi-okuri and umi-gaeri the Shibito fuse with the red sea, and are granted a shared eternal life.

Various mutations

The red water causes huge changes to a human's mind and body. They not only mutate into strange forms during umi-gaeri, but each person who turns into a Shibito see and sense things that a human (or their memories of being a human) would not. The beautiful yet fantastical world Tomoko sees on day 2 at 6:06:01, and Yoriko's face as it appears to Takeuchi on day 3 at 18:09:06 as he continues his transformation into a half Shibito afford you a glimpse into the world the Shibito see.


The Shibito in the Other World (act as though they) have been given two missions: increasing their number, and creating a place in which to welcome the god (Datatsushi). They have a pure wish to show everyone the beautiful world they see, and at the same time, in order to fulfil their goal of preparing a place for the god - who hates light - where light cannot reach, they shut up the windows, doors, and pathways... this is the creation of the Shibito Nest.

Cooperative system

Because the Shibito have both weaker health and knowledge than when they were humans, they try to antagonise the humans who call to their companions, wield weapons and fight against the oddities. Their goal is to increase their number of comrades by granting them the red water, rather than wielding weapons in order to wipe out the humans. Sometimes the Shibito, communicating using their unique system of visions, perform meaningless actions that they follow from the time when they were human, such as eating and sleeping.

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