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Forbidden Siren - Minor Characters - Mina Onda, Ayako Kajiro, Tetsuo Ishida, Jun Kajiro, Eiji Nagoshi

Ayako Kajiro
High school student / female / 16

The eldest daughter of the Kajiro family and Miyako's older sister. Ayako, born to mother Sayako and father Masataro, is fated to bear the next generation of Kajiros. As the girl who is to take over the most influential family in the village she has been raised with everything one could ask for, and since she has been taught to take pride in her special blood since she was young, her personality is rather selfish... or perhaps she is just too sheltered.

However, the one who is of real importance to the Kajiro family is her blind little sister Miyako, and realising that her betrothed Jun is infatuated with her sister she develops a strong jealousy of and fear towards her. Her "mark" isn't as strong as Miyako's, but Ayako has inherited the Kajiro family curse in a pronounced manner, so what awaits her is partial immortality... but she knows nothing of either the ritual or the Kajiros' sins.

Mina Onda
Nurse / female / 21

A nurse who works at the Miyata Clinic. She has a younger twin sister called Risa, and learning that her sister has quit her job after moving to Tokyo pains her. She is fond of Miyata and the two have a close relationship, but having been raised in a happy home she is unable to understand the trauma he has been through, and this ends badly, with Miyata strangling her in a rage. It was probably spur of the moment for Miyata, but her personality of being "devoted but needing too much attention" was most likely too much pressure for someone like Miyata who keeps their distance. Since Mina becomes a shibito as she dies, she crawls out of the earth and heads for the hospital, where Risa begins to act strangely, linking up with her sister and performing shibito actions without drinking the red water. She was originally a sweet girl who was always thinking of her sister.

Miyako Kajiro (Previous)
― / female / 14 (at time of disappearance)

The protagonist of "Strange Tales of Hanuda" Chapter 2, and an important character in the game, leading the true Guiding Priest. This beautiful girl was to be offered up to god as a bride (sacrifice) in the ritual 27 years ago, but became confined within the basement on the abandoned hospital when she was trapped in the Other World trying to escape from her fate with the help of Sumiko, another of Hisako's personalities. Hisako, flitting through a variety of personalities, saw no value in Miyako after the ritual failed as a "fruit to offer to god", but to Sumiko she was a beloved daughter. Both Hisako and Sumiko decided that "she must be restrained and hidden so that no one can get their hands on something so important (the Uryen to Hisako, Miyako to Sumiko)". However, since Miyako is immortal, she continues leading people as her flesh rots.

Takanobu & Mayumi Maeda
Town hall staff / male / 45
Housewife / female / 40

Tomoko Maeda's mother and father. The father, Takanobu, is a hard-working civil servant employed at the town hall, who enjoys taking photos as a hobby, and contributes his pictures to the town hall news. It all began with her mother worrying about her beloved daughter's recent low test scores, and reading her diary without permission. Though the parent read it out of love, to the child it was unacceptable. Naturally, her daughter being the age she is, she is instantly found out and Tomoko leaves home, where she then becomes trapped within the Other World. At first the parents reject the monster their daughter has become, but love her so much that they leave the church to search for her. They are then attacked and turn into half-shibito too, and finally comes their emotional reunion. Until they are burned by Kyoya, they continue their family life...

Omito & Yoshiko Takeuchi
Local historian / male / 34
Housewife / female / 31

Tamon Takeuchi's parents, who disappeared when they becamse trapped in the Other World 27 years ago. His father Omito was a devout believer in Manaism, and from the contents his works "The Takeuchi Monographs" and "The Coming of Datatsushi" written on the cover, we can see that Datatsushi descended in 684 AD. If he had investigated this far, there is a high possibility that he even suspected a relationship between the Kajiros and Irazu Valley church. It is also clear that he was friends with Akira Shimura, both men's families sharing a sharp sense of perception. After being thrown into the Other World and turning into a half-shibito he rejected entering the red sea and suffered the siren at the bottom of the floodgates, his voice reaching Tamon (archive no.97, Tamon Takeuchi's Picture Diary).

Jun Kajiro
神代 淳
― / male / 18

Originally a distant relative of the Kajiros, as a child he was adopted into the family in order to continue it, since only girls are born to the Kajiros. Having been chosen as the next head of the most distinguished family in the village he is intensely conceited, and arrogant due to being raised with all of the family's power at his fingertips. He also has a sadistic side to him, being infuated with Miyako even though he knows her sister and his betrothed Ayako's feelings for him.

Jun aspires to, if possible, become the world's messiah if he can get hold of the Kajiro family secret (the curse of immortality), and for this reason he assists with the ritual so he can see god's revival with his own eyes. He shoots Kyoya with intent to kill out of hatred and jealousy, but in the end, pressured by the awakened Hisako, he helps with the ritual and finally turns into a shibito after being attacked by Datatsushi.

Tetsuo Ishida
Police officer / male / 24

An officer working at Hanuda Village's police box. An unequalled lover of alcohol, he won a stunning victory at the 33rd Hanuda Sake-Tasting Contest, hosted by the Association of Hanuda Brewers the month before. However, perhaps because he had been drinking alcohol the day of the incident, or perhaps alcohol lowers resistence to red water, but the day before, when the rift between the real world and the Other World had already begun to lose stability, in the middle of the night when the red water began to form Ishida, due to his incredibly low tolerance, turned into a half shibito before the disappearances. Having been working that night with his elderly boss, Ishida shot his boss to death and began to wander the area (his half-shibito line is, "Roger, shoot to kill..."). Later Ishida becomes a fly shibito but, off guard due to his love of alcohol from his lifetime, his beloved New Nambu revolver is stolen by Kyoya.

Eiji Nagoshi
Principal / male / 55

The principal of Hanuda Village Elementary Oribe Campus. Concerned about Harumi, who couldn't make friends with her classmates, he enlisted her teacher Takato's help to organise a stargazing event, and even though only one student was participating he obtained permission to go out into the schoolyard and night, a truly generous teacher. He had a warm personality. As the time of person anyone could love he was adored by students and staff alike, but after the disappearances he turned into a half-shibito right away. Even after turning into a shibito brain he pays attention to the school's construction (or more accurately sealing) and chases after Harumi persistently, through which you can see his respectable dedication to his school and students. However, as his shibito transformation progresses he also performs some indecent actions from life.

Koichi Shimura
? / male / 18 (at time of disappearance)

The protagonist of "Strange Tales of Hanuda" Chapter 4, and Akira Shimura's son. Since his childhood his uncle Takafumi had told him of the great oddity the village held - Yao Bikuni. Seeing his father silenced by the village's customs and his uncle being confined, he likely decided he had to do something. As a result he steals the goshintai used in the secret ritual and inevitably meets the Previous Miyako, becoming caught up in her attempt to escape from the Other World. However, in the Other World the effects of the red water gradually eat at his body and Koichi finally turns into a half-shibito. His last human wish is to be staked down, and Previous Miyako impales him with stakes so that he cannot return to the red sea.

? / male / ?

The beloved white dog of Miyako, that Kajiros' youngest daughter. For countless generations the Fruit of Hieda (cursed blood; archive no.75, Book of Deliverance) has been passed down through the family and offered up to the god, also flowing through Miyako, a special girl who was born blind, able to manipulate visions by her own will. (Hisako thought this would make Datatsushi's blood more powerful and have her be the "final fruit".) Around the house Miyako used the dog in place of her eyes, avoiding any unnecessary contact. Cherub himself understood that his master was using his sight (when she is with Cherub, Miyako is able to move around like any other person). After the incident, Cherub loses his life at the hands of a shibito he acts a decoy to protect Miyako from.

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