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Siren Maniacs - Hoshingoeika

hoshingoeika forbidden siren song ps2 horror game


uyamai moushi ageru ten ni owasu on-aruji
hikari kagayaku o-sugata de araware tamau
gururi ya mittsu no go-shirushi wo motte ogami tatematsuru
hitotsu ya futatsu mittsu wo sugitareba ten no kotowari
warera chichi haha no toga ni batsu wo kuwae tamau koto nashi
warera no yowaki arima wo kagiri nashi mono ni shi tamau *
on-aruji no oidemasu rakuen e ozure tamau

(Chorus) **
hottero de sukirin to supiri to san to no mitsu no biri sonna
gururi ya gururi ya gururi ya gururi ya
kiri to yae renzo kiri to yae renzo kiri to yae renzo

* This part was cut during recording
** The chorus section are holy words of reverence of Hanuda Village's god. Long ago, when knowledge from foreign countries came through their languages made an impression on Japanese people, and turned into this kind of chant.

"Holy Song of Reverence to God"

we offer up our reverence, o lord of the heavens
and beseech you to appear to us in your sacred form, shining with light
spinning, we present the three holy signs unto you
one, two, three, the reason of the heavens
without adding to the sins of our forefathers
offering our weak selves up without limit *
for our lord to guide us unto paradise

Meaning of the lyrics

"uyamai ~ tamau" - extols the coming of Datatsushi (juvenile form) to Hanuda Village long ago (684 AD). This is the point at which the villagers stop singing in the ritual cutscene

"gururi ya" - "spinning in a circle"; refers to the holy circle (ouroboros)

"mittsu no go-shirushi" - 3 is the number that represents the limits of the real world (birth, life and death, first, second and third dimension). Based on Moto Hagio's "Silver Triangle"

"warera ~ batsu wo" - refers to the sins of Hisako Yao as the ancestor of the Kajiro family (eating a young god)

"warera ~ tamau" - "please free our souls of their limits"

"on-aruji ~ tamau" - "please take us to the other side of the red sea to where the gods reside (the Underworld)"
Meaning of the chorus

"hottero ~ sonna" - refers to revering the young god with the three signs

"gururi ya" - the appearance of the holy circle as it spins

"kiri to ~ renzo" - "O god, please have mercy on us"

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