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forbidden siren horror game concept art

01 - A Japanese-style room with a creepy image, having a futon covered with red, blood-like stains. There is a similar-looking room in the retail version of the game inside the Shibito Nest.
02 - A residence hazy under the rain. Although there is no gate, the position from the steps up to the entrance is reminiscent of that of the abandoned house in Tabori.
03 - A box-style toilet at the end of a long hallway.
04 & 05 - A Japanese room with an altar with wire looped around it. Perhaps the concept for the altar room in Tabori's abandoned house. This is an important image that shows you how wire was frequently used as an image of the Other World until a certain point.

1 - 1st storey Japanese room concept image (trial version)
Slightly dirty 4.5-tatami Japanese room (w/ Buddhist altar)
Wire, metal pieces, nails etc. scattered all over
2 - Portraits of the dead, certificates, etc.
3 - Closet; Shibito beneath the floor. Several wires poking through sliding door.
4 - All clocks are stopped at 0:00 at night
5 - Outside
6 - Cushion covered with blood-like stain
7 - Electric kotatsu instead of a low table
Dirty plate on table, teacup
Stains from dark red fluid
8 - Hallway
9 - Warped, twisted wires inside...
10 - Wires stuffed tightly inside the waste basket
11 - Shibito idol inside of the sealed by wires Buddhist altar
Opens if the wires around the centre are cut. The surrounding wires are only tied loosely.
12 - Japanese room 2

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English Translation by Chelsea