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New Silent Hill Projects - SH2 Remake, Short Message, SHF, Ascension, Townfall

silent hill 2 remake townfall ascension

After the release of "Silent Hill Downpour" and the cancellation of Hideo Kojima's "Silent Hills", the series fell into a deep slumber for several years.

Many gamers thought that this was the end of Silent Hill, and there would be no more new games.

However, Konami decided to revive the series once again.

And in October 2022, the company suddenly announced five new projects at once:

1) Silent Hill 2 Remake
2) Silent Hill F
3) Silent Hill Townfall
4) Silent Hill Ascension
5) New Silent Hill Movie

And besides this, there is another secret project:

6) Silent Hill: The Short Message

There are so many announcements and information that everything just won’t fit into a standard news article. Therefore, I will devote several articles to a detailed analysis of all these projects.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

silent hill 2 remake sh2 ps5 pc game konami bloober team

In the first part of the article, I will analyze all information about the remake of Silent Hill 2. How did this project start? What new features and mechanics will be included in the remake? What good and bad points can be seen in the trailers? And what can we expect from the remake? I will try to answer all these questions in the article.

>> All about SH2 Remake <<

(update: 31.05.2024)

Silent Hill F

silent hill f shf ps5 pc horror game konami

The second part of the article is devoted to the mysterious project "Silent Hill F". What kind of people are developing this game? How is it connected to other parts of the series? And what interesting details are hidden in the SHF trailer? Let's try to figure it all out.

>> All about Silent Hill F <<

(update: 21.02.2024)

Return to Silent Hill

return to silent hill movie sh logo christophe gans

A new movie directed by Christophe Gans, which will be a adaptation of Silent Hill 2.

>> Return to Silent Hill <<

(update: 16.06.2024)

SH Ascension and Townfall

sh silent hill ascension townfall logo horror game konami

Here we will look at two new projects at once: the interactive 3D series "Silent Hill Ascension", and the indie game "Silent Hill Townfall".

>> Ascension and Townfall <<

(update: 31.05.2024)

Silent Hill: The Short Message

silent hill the short message shtsm shsm ps5 pc horror game konami

The final part of the article is devoted to the game "Silent Hill: The Short Message", which was secretly developed by Konami with the participation of designer Masahiro Ito.

>> Silent Hill: The Short Message <<

(update: 02.02.2024)

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Author of the article: SilentPyramid

Publication date: 20.10.2022

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