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Siren 2 Maniacs - The 2D graphics behind the 3D graphics

forbidden siren 2 concept art monsters

01 - Concept illustrations of the Yamibito that were drawn in the fairly early stages of the project.

02 - The process of scrutinising the Yamibito makeup was also performed by actually putting it on the faces of staff members.

03 & 04 - A Yamibito that looks comparatively human-like. The "umbrella" used to protect themselves from the light had been thought up from quite early on.

05 & 06 - A concept sketch of Mother. You can see that it follows the marine life concept, but also a wide range of things were tried out.

Yamibito and Mother - creatures from another world. The process of giving life to these strange beings that no one had ever seen before took much trial and error. The concept images and idea notes allow you to see this in great detail. In particular, the Yamibito, new to Siren 2, seem to have been experimented with over a range of forms and styles. Of these, the drawing at the top of the page (01) was drawn in the initial stages of the project. It retains the snowy white skin, but you can see how, overall, it looks more like a normal human being. For the Yamibito faces, a variety of patterns using black and white makeup were tested out. On the other hand, Mother still goes along with the concept of marine life, but seems to also have experimented with all different kinds of forms. Of particular note is the drawing of deep sea creatures (giant oatfish) in the margin.

Storyboards were created for each of the scenes and event cutscenes that appear during the game, in order to visually organise the entire flow of the movies before their creation. The storyboard on the right is of Itsuki and Nagai's conversation as they look up at the pylon. It is an important scene where the pair decide to head for the pylon's tip.

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