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Return to Silent Hill, SH Ascension, and SH Townfall - New Silent Hill Projects

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Let's continue to analyze the recently announced Silent Hill projects.

In the previous articles, we discussed all information about Silent Hill 2 Remake, Silent Hill F, and the mysterious project "The Short Message":

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And in this article, I will talk about the three remaining projects - Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill Ascension, and the new movie "Return to Silent Hill".

The New Movie:
Return To Silent Hill

The first Silent Hill Movie was released in 2006, it was created by French director Christophe Gans. The film was received more or less positively among fans. It was quite enjoyable, and the production quality was high (especially in comparison with many other movies based on video games).

However, the director failed to reproduce the style and atmosphere of Silent Hill 1 - so the movie felt more like a modern-fantasy thriller than a psychological horror. Also, the scenario writers changed the story too much - they turned the main character into a woman and mixed story elements from different SH games together.

In 2012, a second movie was released under the title "Silent Hill Revelation 3D", which was based on the story of SH3. It was made by another director - Michael Bassett. This movie turned out to be a complete trash and was received very poorly by Silent Hill fans. We also published a short review of this film on our website back then.

Rumors about the third movie started circulating in February 2020. It became known that Christophe Gans (director of the first film) would be making a new Silent Hill movie soon. But at that moment, no other details were known.

And now Konami has officially confirmed the third movie and revealed new details about this project.

The new movie will be called "Return to Silent Hill", and it will be an adaptation of Silent Hill 2. The trailer shows several storyboards for the film, and we can clearly recognize some familiar scenes from the game.

(first scene on the observation deck)

(Eddie in the toilet)

(scene before the battle with the first monster)

In the storyboards, you can also notice that the designs of some characters will be changed.

(James now has long hair and looks like a rocker)

(Pyramid Head has a bare torso and long claws)

Unfortunately, the trailer does not contain any actual footage from the movie - only storyboards and concept art. That's because full-fledged filming has not yet begun. At the moment, only the script and storyboards are ready. Casting is also underway. In one of his interviews, Christophe Gans mentioned that filming should begin in February 2023.

Silent Hill Ascension

The announcement of "Silent Hill Ascension" caused a lot of confusion among fans. What is it - a game, a movie, or something else? Let's try to figure it out.

Actually, this is not exactly a game - but rather an online interactive movie with CG graphics.

The project is being managed by Genvid, a company specializing in such interactive movies.

An example of their previous works is "Walking Dead: The Last Mile". The essence of this project is that people could watch different episodes of the CG-movie and earn "influence points” through mini-games or through paid options. And then these "influence points" can be used to change the development of the story by voting in online polls. Apparently, we will see something similar in "Silent Hill Ascension".

Other companies participating in the project:

Dj2 Entertainment - worked on the movie "Sonic the Hedgehog" based on the classic Sega platformer.

Bad Robot Games is a company affiliated with the "Bad Robot" film studio, which deals with all sorts of TV series. It is best known for the TV series "Lost".

Behavior Interactive are the developers of the multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight.

Personally, I am skeptical about this project. I think that most likely we will get some random B-horror schlock that will have very little in common with Silent Hill and will try to extort money from viewers through some paid options.


In October 2023, the developers announced the release date for Silent Hill Ascension. The first episode will be released on October 31, and then the project will continue for 6 months. Every day, viewers will be shown short scenes and asked to make some decisions that will affect the development of the story. Then all the mini-scenes for the week will be assembled into a whole episode. So over the course of six months, there would be 25 or 26 episodes in total.

Silent Hill Townfall

Silent Hill Townfall is an indie game from the Scottish studio "No Code".

This company previously created the low-budget adventure games "Stories Untold" and "Observation". Both games are quite unusual - they are mostly about solving puzzles and controlling some complex device (a computer, radio equipment, or a space station).

In the Silent Hill Townfall trailer, we can see a small radio on the table, through which a mysterious person communicates with us. Most likely, throughout the game we will interact with this radio, much like the players interacted with the radio in the third episode of "Stories Untold" (this episode was called "The Station Process"). The telephones in the background will probably come in handy too.

Judging by the available information, Silent Hill Townfall should be the first of the "Silent Hill Short Stories" projects. The essence of these projects is that Konami will collaborate with small indie studios (through the mediation of Annapurna company) and release their games under the "Silent Hill" brand.

So a little later, we may see several more indie projects from other studios.

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Author of the article: SilentPyramid

Publication date: 21.10.2022

Article update: 07.10.2023

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