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Forbidden SIREN 2 - Other characters

Tsuneo Ohta

Head fisherman / male / 60

An islander from 29 years ago (1976), and head of the fishermen who live and work on Yamijima. As a member of the most powerful family on the island, who have protected it from "impurity" for generations, he acts at the core of a group opposing the construction on Yamijima to prevent the forbidden land (Mt. Shinari) being defiled. Angered by the ruining of the island and bearing a prejudicial hatred towards Kanae, a girl who washes up from the sea, Ohta decides to conduct a raid on the Mikami house one night. Seeing Ryuhei's tragic corpse in the Mikami house entrance and affirming that Kanae is the source of all evil, he chases down Kanae as she flees with Shu (-1:00 "Fleeing"). Seeing the cornered Kanae and Shu fall into the sea relieves Ohta that it is all over, but immediately afterwards he is swallowed up by a red tsunami and becomes trapped in a true oddity.

Tomoe Ohta

Unemployed / female/ 24

An islander from 29 years ago, and Tsuneo Ohta's beloved daughter. As the daughter of an influential man on the island, she has been raised with the affection of her father and those around her since she was small, and has the personality of a selfish and freewheeling princess (aspiring to live in the city). She dislikes Kanae, a beautiful girl who suddenly appears on the island, and due to hearing from her father, whom she respects, of the "impurity" on the island, and seeing Kanae driving back "something awful" (shiryo), her hatred of Kanae flares. However, on the night of the tragedy she and her father both become caught up in the oddity, after which she falls from a cliff and meets her sad end. Also, in order to retrieve the hair ornament she dropped when swallowed up by the tsunami, even after becoming a Shibito (and later Yamibito) she pursues Itsuki.

Ryuko Tagawa

Restaurant worker / female / 18

A person in the present day (2005), real name Ryuko Kifune (Tagawa is the surname of the owner of the restaurant at which she works). She is the child of Noriko Kifune (and Ichiro Nakajima), the sole survivor of the Bright Win disaster that occurred 19 years ago, and is an unawakened dove due to the essence of Offshoot B' entering the identical twin foetuses in Noriko's womb. Due to home circumstances she was raised apart from her sister Ikuko, but originally they shared the same face. A year ago, the monster's essence awoke and her face changed (to that of Kanae and Yuri), and under the control of another personality (the dove) Ryuko ran away from home. Ryuko, living as another person in Tokyo while afraid of the things happening to her body, later meets Soji Abe and they move in together. Although she tries to live as a human she attracts the ire of Mother, and is killed by Yuri Kishida.

Hiroshi Okita

Land Self-Defence Force soldier (Rank 2 NCO) / male / 31

A person in the present day (2005), a land Self-Defence Force solider who crash lands in Cape Hidaru on Yamijima due to helicopter trouble that occurs when they become caught in the oddity during cargo transportation training. As a member of the rescue team sent to Hanuda Village after the disaster there two years ago, he has experience of teaming up with Takeaki Misawa (at the time rank 1 captain). Unlike the somewhat obstinate Misawa he has a calm, caring personality, and was friendly with his junior Yorito Nagai, who was very fond of him. However, at the start of the oddity Ohita sustains grave injuries while shielding Nagai when the crashed helicopter makes impact, and dies from his wounds soon after escaping. Afterwards, all of the ground Self-Defence Force soldiers besides Misawa and Nagai (fewer than 20) quickly become Shibito and turn their guns on them. Assaulted by the endlessly multiplying Yamirei, Okita later becomes a Yamibito, and is finally defeated after being blown up by Nagai.

Noriko Kifune / Ichiro Nakajima

Middle school student / female / 14 (at the time)
Middle school student / male / 14 (at the time)

People from 19 years ago (1986). They are the protagonists of chapters 3 and 4 of the "Mystery of the Bright Win" sie story serialised on the official website (the side story and its decoding are published later in the book), and the parents of Ikuko Kifune and Ryuko Tagawa (Ryuko Kifune). Ichiro Nakajima perished in the incident 19 years ago, but due to her love for him Noriko Kifune decided to become the mother of twins at a young age. However, since raising her two daughters in her mid-teens would be near impossible, she left Ikuko in the care of relatives and lived with Ryuko (see archive "No.096 Letter to Ikuko Kifune"). Noriko is unaware that the essence of an Offshoot has entered her daughters, and therefore cannot realise that Ryuko Tagawa is her own child.

Ryuhei Mikami

Archaeologist / male / 40

A person from 29 years ago (1976) and Shu Mikami's father. He lived as a specialist archaeologist in Tokyo, but after the death of his wife Yayoi moves to Yamijima with his son Shu (to conduct a scientific investigation). One day the two go to the rocky area in the harbour to search for a medal dropped by Shu, and by chance Ryuhei ends up taking in an amnesiac girl. Her face bears an eerie resemblance to that of his wife when she was young, and her strange behaviour makes him suspicious, but seeing his son take to the girl like a big sister Ryuhei names her Kanae and they begin living together. However, the islanders residing in the area, including Tsuneo Ohta, believe that Kanae is the cause of the strange happenings and gradually the discord intensifies until finally, just before the night of the tragedy begins - on the day of the incident in which the residents of Yamijima vanish, he is killed and turned into a Shibito by a Shiryo.

Yayoi Mikami

Housewife / female / 29 (at time of death)

The person who became the model for the doves (Offshoots). Ryuhei Mikami's wife. In the summer of 1972, the year her only son Shu was born, Yayoi unfortunately became involved in an accident at sea on the way to visit her parents in her hometown on Yamijima, dying and leaving behind the baby Shu. Since her body vanished in the sea in the real world she was declared missing, but in actuality she passed through a small rift between reality and the Nothingness World and washed up in the Reflected World. Mother, a conscious being with no physical form, created an image for herself using (the drowned corpse of) Yayoi (this is why all of the awakened doves have identical faces to Yayoi's). Also, Kanae retains an awareness of Yayoi subconsciously (her human maternal instinct), but with the passing of time Mother's influence becomes stronger.

Nitaka Ichifuji / Momiko Nabeshima

Land Self-Defence Force soldier (ground colonel) / male / 39
Female / 32

A person in the present day (2005), Nitaka Ichifuji (along with Nagai, Misawa and Okita) is one of the land Self-Defence Force soldiers who became trapped in the odd incident due to a crash landing during cargo transport training (leading officer). Due to impact at the time of the helicopter crash he died and turned into a Shibito, wandering the island and commanding his subordinate soldiers.

Taken in from different eras by Mother's power, the Shibito-turned Ichifuji and Nabeshima (perhaps due to the intervention of the human feelings of their shells) fall in love at first meeting. However, soon afterwards the countless Yamirei pouring fourth from the Netherworld begin to attack the Shibito, and Momiko is taken by a cruel Yamibito. After Ichifuji's desperate rescue efforts, the loving couple safely escape from the captured abandoned housing complex (from extra scenario, 7:00 "Memento").


Guide dog / female / 1

Shu Mikami's beloved dog. A German shepherd (female). Roughly a year ago, she was taken in by the weak-sighted Mikami as his guide dog, moving into the Mikami house as a puppy soon after birth. With her unconditional loyalty she and Mikami share a strong bond of trust, and even after becoming trapped in an overlap in spacetime she acts as her master's eyes. However, after protecting her owner from the collapse of an abandoned storeroom she loses sight of Mikami after he falls from the cliff. Tsukasa begins to search for him frantically (since you find her collar in the fort remains, she most likely passed through there pursuing Mikami). Believing she can reunite with the now ghostly Shu she chases after him... Also, she seems to think that Abe is not a bad person since he smells of her master.

Harumi Yomoda

Elementary school student / female / 10 (at the time)

A character from the previous game. She was the only survivor of the massive landslide that occurred late on the night of 2 August in Hanuda Village two years ago in 2003, rescued by Self-Defence Force soldier Takeaki Misawa as part of a rescue team (due to this, Harumi's level "Day 3 / 23:43:21" in Siren and Misawa's scenario "Curse - 2 Years Ago / Hanuda Village / Site of Landslide" are linked by time). Harumi, who was still young at the time, would be a sixth year elementary schooler (12 years old) in 2005. She should be growing up into an emotional period... but nothing about what happens to Harumi afterwards is shown. Inside Misawa's head, having been traumatised by his brush with the strange event, brew nightmares, and Harumi appears several times as a "sign of defeat".

Kyoya Suda (SDK)

High school student / male / 16

One of the protagonists of the previous game. He is a completely average boy with a strong sense of curiosity, who becomes trapped in the Other World when he comes across an urban legend on the internet talking about the "Hanuda incident" and heads to the village alone. As he inherits the blood of Miyako Kajiro in the midst of the incident he becomes one with Datatsushi (= Miyako = Kyoya). Summoned by his fight to return everything to nothing, the reason he is able to appear in the "Reflected World" Yamijima in Siren 2 is never explained (though if you think about it, you might understand...). Keeping his promise to Miyako Kajiro, Kyoya continues fighting everything at the source of the curse. He becomes a mass-murderer himself, becoming part of the "Hanuda incident" legend.

Other Characters

Shibito Edo

A fisherman at Sanzu Harbour from the present day. Led by Yuri he crosses to Yamijima, but dies in an accdient.

Yuri Kishida

A person from two years ago (2003), the real "Yuri Kishida". Offshoot C kidnaps and kills her in order to steal her name and clothes. Her face is that of someone else entirely.

Offshoot B'

One of the doves who is taken aboard the stranded boat 19 years ago (1986). Dwells inside the foetuses of Noriko Kifune's twins.

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