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Forbidden Siren - Game Trailers and Advertisement Videos

forbidden siren ps2 horror game trailers vdeos tv commercials

Here you can find a collection of rare trailers for the PS2 horror game "Forbidden Siren".

First Japanese Trailer of Siren

The very first Siren trailer, shown at the "Tokyo Game Show" conference in September 2003. Here we can see several scenes from the game accompanied by the strange song "Hoshingoeika". I really like this video - it has a very creepy atmosphere, like a nightmare dream.

Second Japanese Trailer

A three-minute trailer showing various aspects of the game. Here you can see the characters and the shibito, learn about the basics of gameplay (hide and seek, combat system, sight-jack, flashlight, interaction with objects), and also see several story scenes.

TV Advertisement Video #1

A 15-second promotional video made for Japanese television.

Fun fact: this promotional video was shown on TV for only a few days (from November 3rd to November 10th). But then Sony began to receive complaints from angry parents - they said that the video is too frightening and scares children. Because of this, the advertisement was taken off the air early.

TV Advertisement Video #2

Another short promotional video that aired on Japanese TV channels in November 2003. It was also taken off the air earlier than scheduled.

By the way, at the end of the video you can see the inscription "Dou Agaitemo Zetsubou”. It means "No matter what you do, despair awaits you". This was the main slogan of Siren in Japan.

"Hanuda Greetings" Teaser

A short teaser video from the "hanudagreetings.com" secret website.

In 2004, Sony employees posted threads on gaming forums with mysterious calls for help - and these threads included a link to a website with this video.

Secret Cursed Video

Short cinematic video from the "jp-kyoya.com" secret website.

The link to the website with this video was inside e-mail messages, that Sony randomly sent to many people in 2004. The messages said that this was a real footage from a real Japanese village.

This video is quite scary. I wonder, who directed it?

European Forbidden Siren Trailer

A two-minute trailer for the European version of the game. It shows the characters, shibito, and some gameplay and story scenes accompanied by the song "Hoshingoeika".

German Forbidden Siren Trailer

Short 30-second trailer in German language.

USA Trailer of Siren

1-minute trailer dedicated to the release of "Siren" in the USA. It shows gameplay and story scenes with English voice acting.

GameSpy Video Interview

Video interview with Deborah Mars (producer of the American version of Siren), which appeared in April 2004 on the GameSpy website. In this 8-minute video, she talks about the story and gameplay.

Asian Trailer of Siren

This trailer is very similar to the first Japanese trailer from the TGS exhibition. But there is one curious difference here - all the voice acting is done in Chinese language. This new dubbing was made especially for the Asian version of the game - and in the video you can hear how the characters’ voices sounded in Chinese.

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