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Forbidden SIREN Parody Anime Cartoon - Unforbidden Re-Animation

forbidden siren ps2 horror game anime parody cartoon unforbidden re animation

"SIREN: Unforbidden Re-Animation" is a series of parody anime cartoons made by Cyril Unicorn.

These cartoons are based on the story of Forbidden Siren 1. You can also notice small references to other horror games - Silent Hill and SlitterHead. And among the characters here you can even meet the creator of these games - Keiichiro Toyama (in a cartoonish form).

The videos are very cool and funny, and the author put a lot of work into them. Also, these videos have ENGLISH subtitles - so you can watch the anime in English. Click the "CC" button in the lower part of the screen to activate the subtitles.

Short Trailer

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First Episode

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Second Episode

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