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Перевод дневников Doctor Hauzer

Dr. Hauzer's Diary 1

26th October.

A wonderful discovery! Or should i say scary? This stone tablet is the most important discovery of my life and I found it by chance. I have investigated the worlds most sacred sites! And it is amazing I have found this, here of all places!
The discovery of this Tablet appears to be gods will. Surely something wonderful will follow!

20th November.

I have employed Diggers to dig deeper. Things have to be dealt with smoothly. I have ordered the diggers to treat the artifacts with care because it is the only way to proceed safely.
This is my archaeological site. I am not willing to tell anyone about this site and I'm not giving it to anyone.
This is the real sacred place!

Dr. Hauzer's Diary 2

4th March.

Today it is 2 years since my wife has died. When I remember she never complained. When I devoted my life to my research and excavation and forgot about her she didn't say anything but waited for me.
She was probably lonely because she had no relatives apart from me. I should have spent more time together with her, then I would have found her illness quicker. It was regrettable. If she had survived until the excavation was complete her life would not be over.

Dr. Hauzer's Diary 3

11th May.

One of the diggers destroyed an artifact because it was scary - He will receive Gods anger!
The reason why he destroyed the artifact was probably because he doesn't understand this excavation given by God!
He has to be punished. He has to die and be sacrificed to God in order to pay for this crime. Only his death can be compensation!

12th May.

He was sacrificed to pay for his crime. He must be happy. His body and soul are probably meeting 'Kellbim' anger.
My God please open the road to paradise and give me its sacred seed.

30th March (Nearly a year later.)

I've found it at last!
Finally it came to me. Kellbim and Kellbims stone tablet. On examining the tablet it is apparent that Kellbim was sleeping in this land. Oh what happiness!!!
Kellbims' stone tablet is a sign post to Paradise. But its gate is sealed.
If I  break the seal, I am allowed to enter Paradise. There I will find eternal life with the sacred Tree of Life.
It is probable that God gave this opportunity to me only! Because this road to Kellbim is only available from this place.

Dr. Hauzer's Diary 4

5th July.

I am trying to break the seal of Kellbim and the Diggers are disturbing me making noises. Apparently they didn't like the fact I gave the criminal a glorious death!
Stupid people...
It would have been better if I had left them locked up in the basement of this mansion. Kellbims secret must not be leaked to the world -
or maybe it would just be easier if I killed them all...

15th August.

I sacrificed each and everyone of them to God. They hindered my road to paradise and that is a crime.
Because of this action Gods anger will be softened, there are no further obstructions to me gaining eternal life.
I just need to open the gate!

11th September.

It is getting noisy again. Policemen and people from the University. Why do they disturb me?
I can no longer ignore them. Maybe they have come to know about Killbims stone tablet? Are they trying to get to paradise as soon as I open the seal?  THAT MUST BE IT! What a nasty living creature they are...
By any means I won't let them into Gods place without my permission...
They are all to be sacrificed to God...

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Перевод: 3DOKid

Примечание: по-моему, Kerubimu (ケルビム) должно переводиться как "Cherubim" (Херувим), а не "Kellbim".